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09 March 2021

Tackling climate change & environmental challenges (NBS, environment, biodiversity + part of cluster 5…)


The webinar will cover relevant parts of the Cluster 5 Climate part as well as Cluster 6 environment part. Read more

11 March 2021

Health, Nutrition, clinical research


This webinar will focus on health and care related topics under Horizon Europe, with a focus on the non Digital Health topics (another webinar has covered this topic). These calls are relevant for the entire innovation chain, from basic research to hospitals and other end users. Read more

16 March 2021



The webinar will focus on the Cluster 5 Mobility part, giving an overview of the mobility partnerships, the logic and policies behind. Read more

17 March 2021

Club-Innovation: Le Machine Learning au service de l’artisanat


Le Machine Learning est une technologie qui permet aux machines d’apprendre et de s’adapter à des situations données. Grâce aux progrès fulgurants des ordinateurs, des technologies d’information et de communication, de l’IOT etc. De plus en plus de projets concrets au sein des entreprises faisant appel à cette de technologie voient le jour . Read more

23 March 2021

Citizen Science & European Research Area


The European Research Area is a key component of Horizon Europe. It builds on the concept of citizen science, including Ethics, Science Education, Open Science, Gender equality and more. Read more

25 March 2021

L-DIH Talks I Episode 1: Industry 4.0 – Best practices for a successful digitization. How to avoid the pitfalls? Where to start?


Industry 4.0 is a wide topic with many facets and huge potentials. How can SMEs start on 4.0 digitizing process and get the benefits? What are the key learnings? Where to start? Read more

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Circular economy and construction


Flash-back on the webinar detailing the role of the crafts sector in circular construction. 
Read more

Health Technologies innovate during the Covid-19 pandemic


The annual event of the Luxembourg healthtech sector provided the opportunity to take stock of the evolution of an activity that is on the front line in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Read more

Towards new markets


Following the Fit 4 Resilience programme, Apleona is in the process of implementing several organisational and technical projects. With the opportunity to develop new markets in the building management sector in mind.
Read more

Tackling Climate change and environmental challenges


A webinar organised by Luxinnovation on 9 March, will introduce to the climate and environment part of the European flagship programme Horizon Europe. It will give interested stakeholders the keys to successful participation.
Read more

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