What is Fit 4 Resilience?

Fit 4 Resilience is crisis exit and strategic repositioning programme. Conducted with help from consultants approved by Luxinnovation, it includes:

  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on external factors (market, competition, products, supply, logistics, distribution, etc.)
  • An analysis of the impact of the crisis on internal factors (processes, digitalisation, etc.)
  • A study of strategic choices and the preparation of a short- and medium-term roadmap (including thoughts about the circular economy, regionalisation and digitalisation)
  • Financial support from the Ministry of the Economy (paid up-front)

How does it work?

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Eligibility

    Only companies meeting the following criteria are eligible to benefit from the programme:

    • have a registered office in Luxembourg
    • have a valid establishment permit issued by the Ministry of the Economy’s Directorate General for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    • whose activity must not be part of the sectors and activities excluded by the law of 20 December 2019 having as its objective the establishment of a de minimis aid scheme, or by the law of 9 August 2018 relating to an aid scheme for small and medium-sized enterprises, supplemented by the grand-ducal regulation of 12 October 2018
    • not be a company in difficulty on the date of 31 December 2019
    • a motivation letter, indicating the problems encountered by the company is required
    • Applications are to be submitted online – please note that applications are only open until December 31, 2021.
  2. Validation of eligibility – choice of consultant

    Luxinnovation verifies the eligibility criteria for each applying company and confirms whether it is eligible or not.

    The company chooses a consultant from the list of approved consultants and sends its application to the Ministry of the Economy.

  3. Programme

    As soon as the company receives a letter from the ministry acknowledging receipt, the support by the chosen consultant can begin.

  4. Fixed-rate aid

    The consultant’s assignment represents between 5 and 25 working days maximum, based on a daily rate of € 1,200 excluding VAT. It must be subject to a duly approved quote. A flat-rate public aid of 50% of the amount of the fees is paid directly to the company upon receipt of its request to the Minister (and upon presentation of supporting documents listed below).

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