Kap Europa Congress Center Osloer Straße 5
60327 Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

New Chemical industry customers and partners in one productive day

New customers. New partners. More turn-over. A productive day: 140 decision makers attended the 1st European Chemistry Partnering. The enthusiastic participants came from large organizations as well as investors, from small and medium-sized enterprises, and above all from young companies and chemical start-ups who often find it difficult to engage with the larger companies.

140 participants representing 15 nations from Europe, Japan, Canada and the USA came together. Professional short presentations, pre-arranged meetings and the informal pre-event evening gathering created numerous opportunities for contacts. More than 200 meetings were arranged. Chemistry, industrial biotechnology, digitization, nanotechnology – many ways to broaden horizons!

The European Chemistry Partnering is international and interdisciplinary.


Φ-weekFrom 22/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

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