Dutch and Luxembourg Permanent Representation
Brussels (Belgium)

The Benelux General Secretariat, on behalf of the Ministers of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, invites you to join this dialogue and to be part of an inclusive action to bring the climate agenda forward.

This will be an opportunity for you to become an active participant in a Benelux movement that aims higher and bigger on issues such as energy efficiency, finance, transport and just transition.

The Belgian Minister Marghem, Dutch Minister Wiebes and Luxembourg Minister Dieschbourg will be present to listen to your proposals for concrete measures to achieve the climate goals and will take your ideas, skills and experiences to strenghten their coalition on an energetic climate policy.

The BENELUX Talanoa story continues on 24 September 2018, between 10h00 and 16h00 at the Dutch – and the Luxembourg – Permanent Representation in Brussels, Belgium.

The specific outline of the day will follow in a few weeks.

Please confirm your interest to actively participate upon reading this save the date at The number of participants is limited, and an equitable representation of stakeholders and innovative ideas are sought after.

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