In its National Energy and Climate Plan, Luxembourg foresees that by 2030, 49% of passenger cars registered in the country should be electric or plug-in hybrid.

In July 2020, an incentive scheme for charging infrastructure for private (natural) persons was established, with the “Clever Fueren” incentive for the purchase of electric vehicles and the “Clever Lueden” incentive for the installation of private charging stations.

In order to complete this system, the government is preparing to introduce a new aid scheme for companies investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Two types of aid are planned:

  • aid for companies, which will be granted following a competitive procedure (calls for projects): this aid will support large-scale projects and in particular charging infrastructures accessible to the public, in order to accelerate the deployment of a larger network of charging stations and to increase charging power in Luxembourg;
  • aid reserved for SMEs, with the aim of encouraging them to make their own transition to electromobility as part of their economic activity.

On the initiative of the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning, with the support of Luxinnovation and Klima-Agence, this information webinar is proposed to present in detail these new measures and the advantages that companies in the country will be able to draw from them.


Régime d’aides en faveur des infrastructures de charge25/04/2022

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Hëllefsrégime fir Opluedinfrastruktur17/05/2022

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