From 12/02/2021 to 19/02/2021

(Online Survey)

The first 2021 edition of the Pulse Check survey is now ready for contributions.  This exercise, that CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) organises in cooperation with McKinsey, is now focusing on both the general industry sentiment and industry outlook taking into account the COVID-19 impact and also evaluating the topics affecting the future of the industry, from changes on the portfolio and external factors like the semiconductors shortage, to a special focus on how sustainability is being looked at from the perspectives of member companies.

The results from the survey will support both CLEPA and the members by providing further insights into the current situation, analysing the mid- and long-term impacts and identifying the needs of the automotive supply industry in these critical times. The results will be presented in the second week of March via the CLEPA Plaza regular series of online seminars, now offered by CLEPA twice per month via online sessions.

The survey is completely anonymised, and all data will be stored at the McKinsey survey development centre. CLEPA will not receive any data or other information beyond the summary report which will be also sent to members.

Participate to the survey:


Deadline: Provide your answers by Friday 19th February

Estimated time: Around 15 minutes.

Presentation of the results: Second week of March

The results are for members only, and CLEPA will make use of selected results for the purpose of advocacy and communication.

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