Breydel auditorium, avenue d'Auderghem 45
1000 Bruxelles (BE)

The workshop, co-organised with the Copernicus Marine Environment (CMEMS) and Land Monitoring (CLMS) services, will analyse mid-term (2018-2020) and long-term (post-2021) priorities for the potential evolution of CMEMS and CLMS to better address user needs vis-à-vis coastal zone management and monitoring. The following points will be covered:

• Overview of user needs and challenges (Session I)
• Current Copernicus offer in terms of data and service information (Session II)
• Draft proposal for the evolution of CLMS and CMEMS in response to the user needs (Session III)


Guided visit of Innovative City 2017From 05/07/2017 to 06/07/2017

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