From 25/05/2021 to 22/06/2021



The 5th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA 2021) takes place from 25 May to 22 June 2021. A series of 9 webinars is organised from 25 May to 10 June, in the run-up to a high-level event on 22 June. This event is hosted by the European Commission, back to back with the annual European Research & Innovation Days (23-24 June).

ECCA 2021 is a virtual event; the high-level conference (22 June) will be preceded by a webinar series on pressing climate change adaptation challenges from 25 May to 10 June.

ECCA 2021 is co-organised by the European CommissionJPI Climate and three Horizon 2020 projects (SINCERECASCADES and RECEIPT).

Participants will include researchers and adaptation experts, policy-makers, local authorities, practitioners in climate risks management, the private sector with a focus on businesses already engaged with and taking action on climate risk, investors, NGOs, citizens organisations, youth and education organisations, community groups engaged in adaptation, communicators and all interested individuals.

Attendees will have the opportunity to actively participate in the conference in many different ways and to network with other participants in the virtual marketplace, including the possibility to book 1-on-1 meetings.


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