From 14/06/2018 to 15/06/2018

ICEEfest Bucharest
Bucharest (Romania)

The Lean Startup Academy is a unique opportunity to validate your business model and start increasing your commercial traction. By testing your hypothesis against the market, you will identify your prioritary customers, the right value proposition for them and the best channel to reach them.

Starting March 2018, the Lean Startup Academy Spain will support 10 European eHealth startups to improve their business model through an intensive validation programme led by experienced trainers.

This free-of-charge training will be delivered via:

  • A first face-to-face training session with eHealth experts and stakeholders.
  • Intensive out-of-the-building interactions with potential customers during ten weeks.
  • Weekly on-line sessions to share learnings and get feedback
  • Participation in sectoral meetings to network and increase validation opportunities.


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