From 23/05/2018 to 24/05/2018

University of Louvain
Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

The purpose of the conferences is to take stock of the innovative technology used to boost activities in the fields of green chemistry and white biotechnology around the world, to share knowledge and encourage the creation of new R&D projects involving the academic world, research centres and industrial players in the sector.

Green chemistry is set to play an important role in the evolution of industry. The use of plant-based resources is one of the foundations of the concept of “green chemistry”. Many green chemistry processes make use of white biotechnology tools, and light will be shed on the importance of this technological synergy within the context of industry and factories in the future.

Biotechnology is a way of using renewable biomass, biomass residues and biowastes to produce molecules with high added value for various applications, ranging from pharmaceuticals, agri-food, and cosmetics to plastics, materials and energy. For many years, our universities and research centres have been honing their expertise in, among other fields, microbial biotechnology, from basic handling in the laboratory through to support to industrial applications. These initiatives have helped to come up with new materials (biomaterials) and biotechnological processes, for example, based on the use of renewable raw materials that will ultimately replace or complement well established processes. There will be presentations illustrating applications that are already underway, as well as the skills of different academics in the field.

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