University of Luxembourg, Maison du savoir, Auditorium 3.370
Belval (Luxembourg)


Luxinnovation and its European R&D and innovation support team invite you on Thursday 10, October to the 2019 edition of Horizon 2020 Day in Luxembourg.

Discover funding opportunities under the last year of Horizon 2020. The new framework programme Horizon Europe will take over in 2021. Horizon 2020 is the European flagship-funding programme for research and innovation across Europe.

Learn from successful projects representatives who will share their experience with European funded projects.

Attend 2×4 parallel sessions to know more about funding opportunities in fields such as circular economy, sustainable batteries, ICT, Artificial Intelligence, digital transformation in health and care, smart mobility, and Marie-Sklodowska Curie Action.

Our experts will be happy to answer your questions during several networking times. For longer individual meetings we recommend to fix an appointment for the next weeks.

This event is open to any public and private actor willing to know more about European funding opportunities in the field of research and innovation.



14:00 | Welcome words

  • Robert Kerger, Director, Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Benjamin Questier, Strategic Advisor & Head of European R&D and Innovation Support, Luxinnovation

14:20 | The Data-Driven Innovation Strategy for the Development of a Trusted and Sustainable Economy in Luxembourg

  • Mario Grotz, General Director for Research, Intellectual Property and New Technologies, Ministry of the Economy

14:40 | Horizon 2020 NCPs introduce themselves

  • Sanna Alaranta, Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support
  • Charles Betz, Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support
  • Géraud Guilloud, Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support
  • Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support

15:00 | Roundtable discussion

  • Marcin Seredynski, Head of Innovation and Research, Volvo E-Bus Competence
  • Piero Cavigliasso, Group Innovation Technology Director, Guala Closures
  • Luca Ratti, Associate professor in European and comparative labour law, Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, University of Luxembourg
  • Jens Kreisel, Vice-rector for research, University of Luxembourg

15:40 | Coffee break
16:00 | Parallel Sessions round 1

  • AI, data and Software (including blockchain) by Géraud Guilloud
  • Energy, Environment & Circular Economy by Sanna Alaranta
  • Health, care and well-being/food, agriculture and bio-economy by Charles Betz
  • European Innovation Council by Stefano Pozzi Mucelli

16:30 | Coffee break
16:45 | Parallel Sessions round 2

  • 5G and Component and embedded technologies by Géraud Guilloud
  • Social Sciences & Humanities by Sanna Alaranta
  • Marie Sklodowska Curie Action & European Research Council by Charles Betz
  • Materials & Mobility by Stefano Pozzi Mucelli

17:15 | Networking
18:00 | End of the Info Day

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Energy, Environment & the Circular economy (SC3 & SC5)
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AI, data and Software (including blockchain)
European Innovation Council
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Social Sciences and Humanities (SC6: Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies)
5G and Component and embedded technologies
Marie Sklodowska Curie Action/ European Research Council (MSCA/ERC)
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