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Horizon Europe is the biggest and largest proposed Research and Innovation funding programme of the European Union.

It aims at strengthening the EU’s science and technology sectors and competitiveness while tackling major global challenges in vital areas such as climate change, building resilience, achieving sustainable development. Horizon Europe provides the means for the European Union to comfort its position as a world leader in research and innovation.

Building on the experience and on the achievements of Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe offers a broad range of opportunities for Luxembourg public and private R&I actors, but also for the citizens.


Horizon Europe – discover the programme and meet Luxembourg National Contact Points

This event will give you an overview of and practical advices on the Horizon Europe programme.

The event will be online. Along the opening session, two targeted sessions are organised.

You will need to register to the session you are interested in, in addition to registering to the opening session.



10:00 Horizon Europe, Luxembourg launch event – Opening session

  • Peter Dröll, Director for Prosperity, Directorate -General Research & Innovation, European Commission.
  • Robert Kerger, Director, Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Mario Grotz, General Director for Research, Intellectual Property and New Technologies, Ministry of the Economy

10:30 Introduction to Horizon Europe

  • Benjamin Questier, Strategic Advisor, Head of European R&D and Innovation support, Luxinnovation

10:50 Introducing Luxembourg National Contact Points

  • Sanna Alaranta – Advisor
  • Rebecca Damotte – Advisor
  • Géraud Guilloud – Advisor
  • Charles Koener – Policy Officer
  • Stefano Pozzi Mucelli – Senior Advisor

11:00 Conclusion if the opening session and breakout in the two targeted sessions

11:05 Group 1 – EU RDI newcomers 

11:05 Group 2 – EU RDI advanced (you will need to register on an upcoming link)


Group 1 : EU RDI Newcomers

This group is intended for stakeholders that have little to no experience in European R&I projects.

Participants will receive answers to the following questions: What is Horizon Europe? Is there a place for my organisation within Horizon Europe? What are good opportunities for beginners? What are the first steps and how do I prepare myself for future success?

This session will start on the same page as the opening session (no additional registration needed)

Group 2: EU RDI Advanced

This group targets experienced stakeholders with advanced experience in European R&I projects.

The Advanced session will look at the evolution from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe. What are the key building blocks of Horizon Europe, the policy and logic behind? What has changed in the structure and how to find the opportunities in this new structure? It will pick on the first glimpses of Horizon Europe to understand the proposers’ mind-set needed and to give the first keys to reach a successful project

*You will need to extra register for this session via a link that will be send to you by e-mail.

Register now to the opening session!

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