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Machine learning, high performance data analytics, virtual simulations, deep learning, and so on: high performance computing (HPC) can help generate new business value by unlocking the power of data and allow research the leap forward. Join the HPC Thursdays webinars to learn more about how you can benefit from Luxembourg’s HPC infrastructure and what support you can count on to launch your own projects.

Make HPC accessible to all companies and researchers in a wide range of sectors: this is the objective of the National Competence Centre in High Performance Computing. The partners behind the centre – Luxinnovation, LuxProvide and the University of Luxembourg – are launching HPC Thursdays to provide an insight into why HPC is relevant and useful for businesses & research, and how it can be used. The webinars will provide concrete examples of use cases in different sectors and introduce you to the experts who can help you get your own projects off the ground.

4. Artificial intelligence and high performance data analytics: Drawing insights from large datasets

  • This webinar is the fourth session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will explore the advantages that AI can bring upon your business and the basic necessary requirements that a company needs to have in place before doing so: From the role played of the CEO in the adoption of data-driven mechanisms to the minimal technical specification of the system needed to design, test, and validate AI algorithms.


Luis Vela Vela
Senior Solutions Engineer, Supercomputing & Data Solutions at LuxProvide



We reserve the right to cancel a session if a minimum of five people are not registered. The proposed dates of the upcoming webinars are for information only. The date may change due to unforeseen circumstances. For more information, please contact


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