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We are pleased to invite you to EPISODE 4 of our L-DIH Talks series that will be given as a webinar on 30 April 2020 at 15:00 CET.

Our guest speakers will focus on how the adoption of “new business models for industry 4.0, makes it possible to create, deliver and capture value in a ways that are not possible with a more traditional mode of functioning.

This session’s guest speakers will share their experience of how such disruptive business models, which impact everything from optimised internal and external processes to improved customer relationships, contribute to the creation of new value networks and smart products or services and make it possible to acquire brand new markets.


  • Topic 1 : Define new ways of realizing value with a resilient and invigorated Supply Chain

Brice Lecoustey, Partner, E&Y

  • Topic 2 : Delivering digital continuity across the virtual and real worlds of manufacturing

Julien Zins, Digital Continuity Coordinator, CPI

  • Topic 3 : New business models 4.0

Ben Heyerdahl, Commercial and TSP Sales Leader, IBM

  • Topic 4 : Interlinks Auto is tackling a new challenge in the automotive sector: circular distribution

Luc Azilinon, Co-Founder, Interlinks Auto

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