In today’s complex socio-economic environment, many companies are under pressure to boost their productivity, target new markets and find new clients. Industrial companies need also to improve their time to market in order to be able to address rapidly changing market trends as well as the current emergency circumstances. The ability to define and implement new ways of reaching the market has become a key competitive advantage.

In Episode 5 of the L-DIH Talks, we will focus on how creating a strategy and an advanced execution plan can help getting new markets. We will also discuss how to engage with new customers.


  • Topic 1 : How advanced production planning can be a game changer to win new markets!

Stephan Klang, Partner, TrAxxion S.A

  • Topic 2 : Innovation as a new sales channel

Fabrice Croiseaux, CEO, InTech

  • Topic 3 : Digital environment knowledge: a tool for new opportunities

Laurène Hume, R&D Consultant, Actimage Digital Intelligence

  • Topic 4 : Developing New Digital Sales Channels to Fit Your Customers

Laurent Federspiel , Head of Operational Excellence, Ceratizit


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