Attracting digital skills and developing an agile ecosystem

As companies in all industrial sectors turn to more customer-centric and integrated digital business models, they need people with the ability to facilitate their organisational changes and move towards more agile cooperation. Corporate leaders are facing the challenge of competing for talent with the right digital skills for the future. In order to succeed and remain competitive in the digital world, they much think beyond their current ways of functioning and find new methods for finding talents through collaboration, sharing and community building.

In this L-DIH Talk, our guest speakers will showcase how to develop a collaborative approach and create partnerships in different areas. They will also discuss how to build a corporate culture that attracts talented staff, as well as an adaptable and agile ecosystem of expertise and skills.


  • Topic 1: Policy responses to new skills needs

Claudine Kariger, Senior ICT Policy Advisor, Ministry of State/ Media and communications department

  • Topic 2: Presentation of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Luxembourg

Marina Andrieu, Coordinator, Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Luxembourg

  • Topic 3: Development of innovations through partnerships!

Hartmut Lösch, Business Development Ditrector, AMB Software GmbH

  • Topic 4: APIs: The foundation of an agile partnership

Mauro Rocco, CEO, Cap4 Lab

  • Topic 5: Examples of attracting talents and upskilling skills through university continuing education

Anne Oberlé, General Director, University of Luxembourg Competence Centre


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