When implementing Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies will build open, interconnected and innovative factories and take production to the next level through the complete digitalisation of their value chains. This will ultimately result in smart factories, where all components – machines, people, tools and resources – are networked and communicate with each other in real time:


These smart, digital factories are the basis for producing and connecting the data needed to implement Industry 4.0. 


The design of these digital factories relies on a range of new technologies: artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality and so on. The guest speakers of the 8th L-DIH Talk will share their experience of how to take advantage of these new technologies to digitise products, services and processes and move towards Industry 4.0.


  • Topic 1: Industrial IoT Platform on example of FIELD system

Konrad Grohs, Director of European FIELD system Department, FANUC

  • Topic 2: How NewTech could be Human centric, how to Take advantage of AI, IOT, Cybersecurity, 3D, AR/VR…

Matthieu Deboeuf Rouchon, Advanced Solution Manager Digital Transformation, Altran

  • Topic 3: Digital (decarbonized) Factory

Thilo Stieber, Chief Digital Officer Manufacturing, Atos

  • Case study: Shaping the innovation structure in a global company towards the « Digital factory »

Raymond Adam, Laboratory Manager EMEA, Michelman SARL

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