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The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub organises a series of talks, the L-DIH Talks, targeting industrial companies in Luxembourg. The talks will provide not only a detailed view of the steps and processes of digital transformation, but also an overview of the different providers and their expertise in this field that is as comprehensive as possible.

This series consists of 4 main sections spread over 8 short episodes. Discover the whole programme now.

Content overview of Episode 8

Digital Factory technologies, based on the employment of digital methods and tools, such as numerical simulation, 3D modelling and Virtual Reality among others are an essential part of the continuous effort towards the reduction in a product’s development time and cost, as well as towards the increase in customization options

A successful model of  digital factory offers an integrated approach to enhance products and production engineering.

A detailed Agenda will follow – Seats are limited. Allocation on a first come, first served basis.

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L-DIH Talks - Episode 7: Rely on an orchestrated and agile ecosystem20/05/2020

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L-DIH Talks - Episode 9: Using all available data11/06/2020

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