In a nutshell IoT solutions consist out of web-enabled devices, such as sensors and communication hardware, to collect and send data they acquire from their environments towards systems capable to analyse the received data and take action. Learn about the layers and architectures required for creating a fully-fledged IoT solution and listen to examples from the Luxembourgish industry that succeeded to provide digital solutions and enhanced services to their customers.

Topics to be addressed

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Sensors
  • IoT Hub or Gateway
  • Analytics
  • Cybersecurity


  • Luc Verschaffel – Managing Partner – 5G-A
  • Laurent Muckensturm – CTO and Founder – GigaConcept
  • Raphael Matter – Software Engineering – Logistic and Information Systems
  • Sneak Preview: A Luxembourg Start-Up supporting companies reducing their downtime and reducing maintenance cost easily



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