Cobots are industrial robots designed to be used near or even work together with humans, supposed to be safer and more easily programed to complete tasks. But realistically, even the most intuitive Cobots will require planning and some minimum engineering to get applied in a process, perform useful tasks to gain productivity. The secret for a successful integration of a Cobot in an existing manufacturing process lies in its ability to learn how to operate the Cobot and making it carry out basic movements quickly. However, Cobots are not the right solution in all cases, but they support automation in situations where it was previously infeasible to use a traditional Robot.

Topics to be addressed

  • Industrial Robots
  • Cobots
  • Code-based programming
  • Force Limitation



Paul Ribus

Paul Ribus

Managing Director - FANUC

Prof.Dr.-Ing Holger Voos

Prof.Dr.-Ing Holger Voos

Full Professor & Head of Research Group

Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview

With their solution, everyone on your shop floor can easily teach a welding or gluing cobot in a few minutes!

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