36, Avenue des bains, room Orangerie, Domaine Thermal
5610 Mondorf-les-bains (Luxembourg)


The LIGHTWEIGHT SYMPOSIUM 2020 in Luxembourg brings highly reputed and renowned lightweight construction experts together. The lightweight pioneers will be sharing their knowledge in an inspiring environment far away from industrial imprint. ART and Lightweight are in the framework of this LIGHTWEIGHT SYMPOSIUM consciously combined.

The lightweight construction event is a balanced mixture of lectures, discussions, collegial “Networking (Value)” and an attractive supporting programme (with various lightweight construction exhibits on defined exhibition areas).

What to expect?

  • Highly reputed and renowned lightweight construction experts eager to share their knowledge.
  • Lightweight construction event with balanced mixture of lectures
  • Lightweight construction exhibits on defined exhibition areas
  • Participants from middle and upper management from the:
    • space industries
    • automotive industry
    • aviation industry
    • other industrial, mobility sectors.
  • An evening event with a moderated wine tasting


Who will attend?

  • Mr. Olaf Freier, Global Brand Director, Reed Exhibitions
  • Mr. Mario Grotz, Director General for Research, Intellectual Property and New Technologies, Ministry of Economy, Luxembourg
  • Mr. Werner Loscheider, Head of Division, Lightweight and resource efficiency of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
  • Mr. Marc Serres, CEO, Luxembourg Space Agency
  • Constanze von Nell-Breuning, Head of Marketing, AMC
  • Jeroen Bleekemolen, professional race driver
  • Mr. Claude Maack Director General Gradel sàrl
  • Mr. Dr.-Ing. Claus Bayreuther, Lightweight expert, AMC
  • Dr. Henri Perrin, Composite Plateform Leader, LIST
  • Mr. Peter Pirklbauer, Head of Emerging Technologies & Concepts, AIRBUS Operations GmbH
  • Mr. Jean-Pierre Choffray, System Architecture & Innovation, SES


It is yet possible to learn from astronautics – and vice versa. For this purpose, the LIGHTWEIGHT SYMPOSIUM 2020 will devote itself first and foremost to the lessons learned.




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