European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL) 4, Place de l'Europe Luxembourg
1499 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

On 12 of September 2018, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel presented the 5G strategy for Luxembourg, whereby Luxembourg’s vision is to be amongst the leaders in 5G. On October 18th, a second meeting of the Infrastructure Group of Digital Luxembourg on 5G gathered around 60 stakeholders at Senningen Castle.

The Luxembourg Government’s ambition is to enable a timely deployment of 5G in Luxembourg as per the European connectivity targets. In order to reach that goal, it is envisaged to launch several pilot zones in Luxembourg during the year 2019.


These pilot zones shall host a variety of user-centered tools or services that rely on 5G and related technologies. Although a first list of pilot zones and use scenarios has been identified in a recent expert report, the national 5G strategy clearly welcomes all initiatives that rely on the new possibilities offered by the coming 5G network.

This is why the 5G team of the Service des Médias et des Communications is inviting you to our national 5G Conference on November 29th in the European Convention Center at Kirchberg. This conference is open to any company, organization or citizen that are interested in contributing to the 5G pilot zones.



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