From 10/12/2019 to 12/12/2019

1645-1647, Fiera Roma Srl, Via Portuense
00148 Rome (Italy)

NSE – New Space Economy 2019 Brokerage Event is the international networking event which will focus on the New Space Economy and its capability to promote and create new market opportunities and economic development in Europe. The Space Economy is today recognized as one of the most effective engines of economic growth, well beyond the borders of the space industry in the strict sense. The purpose of the New Space Economy Brokerage Event is to boost the Technology Transfer of plenty of space applications to other industrial sectors.

The matchmaking event takes place in the framework of the NSE New Space Economy Expo Forum. Organized by Fondazione Amaldi and Fiera Roma in collaboration with Space Foundation, NSE Expo Forum will create an opportunity to meet and exchange views among existing and new industrial players, small and medium innovative companies, investors, venturers, startuppers, research centers, space agencies and institutions with interests in space.

The Brokerage Event is addressed to all public and private actors willing to give their contribute, sharing expertise, showcasing their products and technologies, offering strategic networking opportunities and contributing to the development of the New Space Economy:

  • Universities
  • Research Centers
  • Industries
  • SMEs and SME associations
  • Local Administrations


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