LIST, 5 rue Bommel, ZAE Robert Steichen
4940 Hautcharage (Luxembourg)

This short seminar is mainly dedicated to extrusion production/process engineers and polymer Research & Development (R&D) scientists. Compounding and processing technologies help narrowing the gap between lab developments and commercial applications. However, the plastic industry may encounter some hurdles and be looking for external support. The conference will aim at underlining introduce fast and flexible tools to develop and optimize polymer twin-screw extrusion processes/recipes.

Seminar would include:

  • An introduction to LIST polymer processing activities from lab synthesis to continuous polymer modification and reactive compounding.
  • A special insight of Ludovic twin screw simulation software, from SCC will be given, with concrete examples in process optimization and scaling-up.
  • Concerning the machinery, Leistritz extruder manufacturer will present the scope of their main products.
  • A visit of LIST polymer processing laboratories in Hautcharage will be proposed.


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