From 19/11/2018 to 21/11/2018

1, Reed Messe Wien GmbH, Congress Center Messeplatz
A-1021 Vienna (Austria)

The SET-Plan conference 2018 – Research and Innovation driving the energy Transition to 2050 will take place from 19 November to 21 November 2018 in Vienna.


With the targets for 2030 for renewables and energy efficiency agreed, agreement on the other parts of the Clean Energy Package on the horizon, and the discussion on the EU’s long-term contribution to the Paris Agreement being launched with the 2050 strategy, the SET-Plan conference will not be short of topics to discuss. Research and innovation are a sine-qua-non for the energy transition to be successful, to meet the EU’s objectives for 2030 and 2050, and for the EU to develop cutting-edge solutions that will be in demand worldwide.

This will require huge investments, and the European Commission’s proposal for the next Multi-Annual Financial Framework for the EU puts these investments at its core, with a commitment to ensure that at least 25% of the budget will contribute to addressing energy and climate action. Horizon Europe, the EU’s instrument to support Research and Innovation from 2021 to 2027, proposes a budget of 100 billion Euros, of which 35% to be invested in energy and climate action, and 15 billion Euros focusing on R&I in the energy and transport sectors as well as climate science.

This year’s SET-Plan conference will take stock on progress towards the SET-Plan priorities and aims to identify how Research and Innovation, at European and national level, publicly and privately funded, contributes to the EU’s energy transition. The plenary discussions will address the challenges towards the objectives for 2030 and 2050, the financing instruments to support R&I, the EU’s position in the world but will also refer to the importance of engaging cities and regions. Parallel discussions will further zoom in on particular parts of the energy system, namely:

1. Citizens in the energy transition;
2. Industry as a facilitator of clean energy;
3. Energy systems and networks;
4. Clean energy production- Renewables for 2050


The programme is available here.


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