Amphitheatre du CHL, 4, rue Ernest Barblé
1210 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Societal health and wellbeing are strongly correlated with a nation’s wealth; however, personal circumstances as well as the accessibility and quality of healthcare impact on individual health.

Eurostat ranks Luxembourg’s healthcare expenditure per inhabitant among the highest in the EU. However, expenditure alone does not guarantee
an efficient, fair and quality healthcare service. Health economics is used in most EU countries and beyond to support informed decision
making to distribute healthcare spending with the aim of maximising benefits for the individual and for Society.

This workshop will bring together international experts in health economics as well as national stakeholders operating in healthcare to learn
and discuss the opportunities that health economic research has to offer in informing national policy to improve health and healthcare in Luxembourg.

Participation is free. To register, please send an email to Susanne Schmitz (+352 26 970 954).

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