13.00 - 17.00

AGENDA –  23 March 2023

13.30 I Introduction

  • Charles-Albert Florentin, Cluster Manager- Cleantech, Luxinnovation

13:40 I Floods Directive, Fluvial & Pluvial Floods, Flood risk management in Luxembourg

  • Claude Meisch – Chargés d’Etudes, Division Hydrologie, Service Hydrologie, Administration de la gestion de l’eau

14:20 I The changing pulse of rivers: on flood mechanistics, forecasts, and predictions

  • Laurent Pfister Head of Environmental sensing and modelling (ENVISION) Unit and Patrick Matgen, PhD, LIST, ERIN Department

15h00 I Pause

15:10 I High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Modelling for Flood Simulations and Predictions – A project overview

  • Dr Norman Feterle, Professor of Geodesy, University of Luxembourg
  • Dr Guy Schumann, CEO&CTO, RSS-Hydro Sarl

15:40 I Hydraulic studies, modelling and effective adaptation of flood sites

  • Thomas Biendel, Associé – Directeur de department – Hydrologie, Luxplan

16h00 I Q&A & conclusion

16h10 I Networking

Languages: French/English


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