De 24/06/2020 à 25/06/2020

Axone Congress
Montbéliard (France)

The objective of the event is to gather local industry suppliers with high value-added solutions and buyers from different sectors like Energy, mobility including automotive, plastics, food, medical, aeronautics and luxury industries.

You want to:

  • Optimise your sourcing
  • Find new industrial skills and expertise
  • Improve the return on your purchases from subcontractors
  • Identify your future industrial partners

OPTIMAL PROSPECT business meetings are made for you.

Your advantages

  • A precise analysis of your request and personalised follow-up to guarantee effective and targeted meetings
  • Within only one or two days, meet all the qualified and selected suppliers you need
  • An optimised schedule with half-hour prearranged appointments
  • Your invitation for the networking evening
  • Free registration and meal as well as your accommodation
    taken care of on a flat-rate basis.

La propriété intellectuelle au coeur du processus créatif23/10/2019

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Séance d’information : Les Prix Luxembourgeois de la Qualité et de l’Excellence29/04/2020

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