Focus areas

  • a multi-level co-creation process through the introduction of a Climate City Contract
  • strong and direct support to cities that will commit to climate neutrality aimed at enabling them to roll out their climate action plans and achieve climate neutrality by 2030 in synergy with a significant progress towards zero pollution
  • reduced air and noise pollution, improved health and well-being, reduced urban environmental footprints, enhanced urban greening and improved water management
  • participatory and inclusive decision-making

Target groups

  • local authorities or their mandated representatives representing one city defined as a Local Administrative Unit (LAU), or a “greater city” or metropolitan region, taking account of Functional Urban Areas (FUA) where relevant
  • Citizens, civil society organisations, public authorities and policy-makers

Type of cities targeted

  • cities of all sizes, types and level of preparedness in all contexts
  • at least three cities from each member state entering the co-creation of the Climate City Contract phase
  • at least two cities from each member state entering the implementation of the Climate City Contract phase

Mission goal and objectives

  • Reach a greenhouse gas reduction target by 2030 at 100%
  • Achieve a systemic change and transformation of cities, including via the adoption of the ‘by and for the citizens’ way of thinking and working
  • Develop a fully-fledged Climate City Contract
  • Support the development of drivers of transition related to five key enablers:
    • A model for the transformation of cities into innovation hubs;
    • New forms of participative and innovative city governance;
    • An economic and funding/financing model for climate action;
    • An ‘integrated urban planning’ model;
    • Smart systems and data platforms.


Funding will be made available from Horizon Europe, and from other public sources (eg. European, national, regional and local levels of funding) as well as from private investments.

Selection process

The selection process for calls will be similar to Horizon Europe selection process, based on call for projects published in Work Programmes.

Climate City Contract (CCC)

The inception period of the Mission will include two phases: a call for expression of interest (EoI) (phase 1 – from Q4 of 2021 to Q1 2022), followed by the co-creation and preparation of the CCC (phase 2, starting in Q1 2022 with the earliest conclusion of the first contracts estimated from Q3 2022).

The CCC activity will start with the launch of the EoI in Q4 2021. The next phase of the process will be the development of a CCC for each city intending to be climate-neutral by 2030, through an innovative process of co-creation involving the cities, national/regional authorities and all relevant stakeholders, as well as the Commission.

The mission platform will launch  large-scale pilots to act as demonstrators for the deployment of R&I and other off-the-shelf solutions in lead European cities and districts as of Q1 2023.

Supporting documents


Implementation plan

Info Kit

Contact us

The first calls for proposals with topics specifically related to the missions will be published by the end of 2021. Luxembourg organisations interesting in being involved are welcome to contact the Horizon Europe National Contact Point at Luxinnovation for further information, advice and support.