A regulation establishes the framework programme, as part of the EU’s next long-term budget (the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF)) of the European Union.

Horizon Europe’s budget is thus linked to the adoption of the Multi-annual Financial Framework. Due to the COVID-19 health emergency situation, the MFF has evolved to include an EU recovery instrument entitled Next Generation EU (NGEU) as part of the EU recovery plan for Europe. Some of these funds will be distributed through Horizon Europe.

Strategic plan and work programmes

Strategic plan

The content of work programmes for Horizon Europe is prepared by strategic planning and the resultant strategic plan.

Work programmes

Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe are set out in work programmes. Download available work programmes.



Regulation establishing Horizon Europe

2020 – Council position on the Horizon Europe package

On 29 September 2020, the EU Council finalised its position on the proposed regulation establishing Horizon Europe and on the specific programme implementing Horizon Europe (Horizon Europe package).
The final documents are under negation with the European Parliament. (09.11.2020)

2020 – EU recovery plan for Europe and Horizon Europe

On 4 June 2020, the Commission presented amended proposals for both legal acts to allow additional funding from the EU recovery instrument entitled Next Generation EU (NGEU) to flow to Horizon Europe.

On 21 July 2020, the heads of state or government agreed on the recovery plan for Europe, which combines the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF) for the years 2021-2027 and the funds to be made available through the NGEU.

2019 – Provisional agreement

The European Parliament and the Council of the EU reached a provisional agreement on Horizon Europe in March and April 2019.
The European Parliament endorsed the provisional agreement on 17 April 2019.

2018 – European Commission proposal for Horizon Europe

The European Commission published its proposal for Horizon Europe in 2018. Consult the reports and materials that shaped Horizon Europe here.

Horizon Europe budget

On 21 July 2020, the EU leaders reached an agreement on the next long-term budget (MFF) and the Next Generation EU.

An agreement between the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the Parliament will seal the final budget of Horizon Europe and the distribution of the budget between the different instruments.

This content will be updated accordingly.

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