Who can apply for funding in Luxembourg under EUREKA?

Depending on the targeted EUREKA programmes, different types of organisations, registered in Luxembourg, from both the private and the public sector can be eligible for funding, if they perform research or develop innovative products or services. Companies (SME, large) must not be an undertaking in difficulty as outlined in the General block exemption regulation (GBER).

  • Clusters: SMEs, large companies
  • Eurostars: SMEs (as a coordinator), large companies, research institutes, universities
  • Globalstars: SMEs, large companies
  • Network projects: SMEs, large companies

What are the funding rates for EUREKA projects?

  • Companies (all EUREKA programmes): The funding rate corresponds to aid rates as applied within the R&D aid schemes of the modified RDI law of the 17 of May 2017.
  • Research institutes/universities (Eurostars only): get in contact with the National Research Fund (FNR)

Which costs are eligible?

  • Companies (all EUREKA programmes): personal costs related to the R&D project, utilisation costs (depreciation over the project duration), material costs and other consumables, special costs, general costs
  • Research institutes/universities: get in contact with the National Research Fund (FNR)

What should a EUREKA partnership look like?

  • Balanced partnerships
  • Mutual benefit
  • Exploitation plan for all consortium partners

What type of situations should be avoided?

  • A one-shot project similar to subcontracting
  • Companies that do not have the resources to carry out or exploit a successful project outcome

What are the steps for preparing a EUREKA project?

The main steps include:

  • Identifying the relevant EUREKA programme,  call for proposals and preparing a competitive proposal together with your project partners
  • Submitting your project proposal through the EUREKA portal
  • Your proposal will be evaluated by a group of experts who recommend to the EUREKA Member States which proposals should be retained for funding. Three general criteria of utmost importance in the evaluation process include:
    • Excellence
    • Impact
    • Quality of implementation
  • For companies: If your proposal is recommended for funding, you need to submit a national application to the Ministry of the Economy.  If approved, you will sign a grant agreement with the Ministry of the Economy
  • For research institutes/universities (Eurostars only): If your proposal is recommended for funding, get in contact with the National Research Fund (FNR).
  • During the implementation, your project will be monitored by the Ministry of the Economy (all EUREKA Programmes) and National Research Fund (Eurostars only).

As the National Contact Point, we can guide you through the whole process.

I am interested in participating in EUREKA projects in the future. What do you advise me to do to keep up to date and optimise my application?

We advise you to: