Are you interested in the circular economy but find it too complex a topic? Do you want to apply the principles of the circular economy to your business? Do you want to understand how your business can gain value through the circular economy?

Fit 4 Circularity is an aid for companies to the transition to the circular economy. The program assesses the growth potential of businesses by applying the principles of the circular economy: product life cycle extension, circular supply chains, recycling and reclamation.

What is Fit 4 Circularity?

  • The external support of a Luxinnovation approved circular economy consultant;
  • A diagnosis of your company’s innovation potential through the circular economy;
  • The identification of value creation opportunities to increase the company’s sustainability;
  • Public aid from the Ministry of the Economy to cover part of the costs incurred;
  • The prospect of a business model innovation project structuring the company.

Who can participate in Fit 4 Circularity?

To be eligible, a company must:

Fit 4 Circularity, how does it work?

1) Send your application to Luxinnovation

– Choose the certified consultant who will accompany you
– Contact Luxinnovation to complete your application together

2) When your application is validated by Luxinnovation

– Send your completed application to the Ministry of the Economy
– The diagnosis can start with the chosen consultant
– At the end of the diagnostic, the consultant will give you a report validated by Luxinnovation
– You can request payment of the public subsidy covering the diagnostic costs
– If you wish, you can continue with an innovation project directly resulting from the diagnosis

Frequently asked questions about Fit 4 Circularity

How do I choose my Fit 4 Circularity consultant?
Contact Luxinnovation, we will be happy to help you make your choice.

What is the amount of the state subsidies related to Fit 4 Circularity?
The Ministry of the Economy will pay you 50% of the consultancy fees related to the Fit 4 Circularity diagnosis.

When can I participate in Fit 4 Circularity?
The Fit 4 Circularity program is open on an ongoing basis. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Participate in Fit 4 Circularity!