Fit 4 Innovation is a subsidised programme aimed at supporting SMEs and SMIs, developed in partnership with the Ministry of the Economy.


  • Improve the performance of your company
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Improve your ability to innovate
  • Develop and ensure your continued existence by sustainably increasing activity

We are assisted in this task by organisation consultants and change management experts who have extensive experience of such projects.

Added value of the programme

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New investments in sight for Circuit Foil in Luxembourg


Established in Wiltz for almost 60 years, Circuit Foil, a company specialising in the production of copper foils, continues to invest heavily in Luxembourg, reaffirming its global leadership in many areas such as automotive, electronic banking or mobile telephony.
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Focus on the successful programme Fit 4 Innovation


Launched in 2014, the Fit 4 Innovation programme managed by Luxinnovation enables companies, especially SMEs, to find the resources they need to engage in an innovative way and to optimise their organisation.
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“Maintaining an edge”


Polygone was founded in Mersch in 1981 and operates in three sectors, these being waste management, the leasing and sale of modular buildings, and the provision of services ranging from structure deconstruction to the rental and installation of fencing, including the design and development of green spaces.

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“We have now adopted a continuous approach to innovation”


General construction firm Steffen-Holzbau, founded in 1993, specialises in providing wood for the carpentry, roofing and low-energy home and room construction industries.
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