Who can work as a coach for Fit 4 Start?

The programme is open to all experts showing:

  • the skill in tracking innovative start-ups
  • particular expertise in one or more of the following areas: strategy and management/ marketing/ finance/ fund raising
  • great knowledge of new technologies generally
  • great knowledge of the national and international landscape (institutional and economical) in the start-up, ICT, Space and Health-tech areas
  • expertise of Lean Start-up and of the Agile method
  • the ability to deliver services in English and in French

What are your responsibilities during the Fit 4 Start programme?

The responsibilities of the coaches are as follows:

  • To lead the coaching sessions
  • Attend the Steering Committees
  • Ensure a consistent reporting, towards the Luxinnovation candidates as well as the members of the Steering Committees
  • On a regular basis, the coaches might be asked to answer the questions of the press, through interviews that will be planned as part of the different sessions.


Hear from our coaches

Richard Russell, Coach

Fit 4 Start is Luxinnovation's start-up programme offering intensive coaching and seed funding to early stage entrepreneurs. Two editions are held every year.
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Interview with a coach

Michel Blumenthal, Coach

“I have been coaching start-ups for almost 20 years, and I have noticed that very few entrepreneurs really know their clients,” says Mr Blumenthal. “They often have a hypothesis on what clients want and build a complete business on this conviction without ever having validated it with potential customers. If they are wrong, the whole enterprise can easily become a failure.”
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