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Do you have an innovative business idea or developed a minimum viable product already? Then our start-up programme Fit 4 Start might just be the right asset for you! The programme is based on the lean start-up methodology, and shall grant your business venture the full range of opportunities the Luxembourg start-up ecosystem has to offer.

What we offer

If you are an innovative ICT start-up with a strong drive to succeed then our Fit 4 Start programme could be just the solution for you to propel your business to the next level.
Take advantage of:

Providing you the opportunity to then:

  • Access the European market of 500 million consumers from a multilingual and business friendly location

  • Benefit from an ongoing support structure to help your business grow, even beyond the borders of Luxembourg

  • Leverage government supported R&D partnerships with public research institutions and industrial players


Discover in our short video what is Fit 4 Start

Fit 4 Start pre signup

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Hear from participants and experts

Watch our videos to discover what successful applicants participating in the last session in October 2018 think about Fit 4 Start:
  • Fit 4 Start - Gaëlle Haag, CEO of StarTalers

    Fit 4 Start - Gaëlle Haag, CEO of StarTalers

    “I joined the Fit 4 Start programme to help my start-up get to the next level.”
  • Fit 4 Start - Cedric Spaas, CEO of Arspectra

    Fit 4 Start - Cedric Spaas, CEO of Arspectra

    “We chose Luxembourg for the central location and potential to grow.”

Learn about the experiences of three entrepreneurs who successfully completed the programme and graduated in October 2018.

  • Fit 4 Start Graduates - Cofounders of Univize

    Fit 4 Start Graduates - Cofounders of Univize

    “We applied for the mentorship and the very nice opportunity to receive equity free funding.”
  • Fit 4 Start Graduate - Tom Michels, CEO of Salonkee

    Fit 4 Start Graduate - Tom Michels, CEO of Salonkee

    “The Fit 4 Start progamme was perfect for us to really accelerate our development.”
  • Fit 4 Start Graduate - Galo Vargas, CEO of Inkspired

    Fit 4 Start Graduate - Galo Vargas, CEO of Inkspired

    “Luxembourg is a very interesting ecosystem and it is easier to connect with high profile investors.”

Hear from organisers and jury

Listen to what the organisers and the jury members are saying about Luxembourg’s dynamic start-up ecosystem, multicultural environment and key advantages of setting up a business in Luxembourg.
  • Fit 4 Start - Diego De Biasio, Technoport

    Fit 4 Start - Diego De Biasio, Technoport

    “Luxembourg is a great place for start-ups because it is centrally located in Europe and you have easy access to international customer bases and can expand quite quickly abroad.”
  • Fit 4 Start - Laurence Hulin, Luxinnovation

    Fit 4 Start - Laurence Hulin, Luxinnovation

    “Luxembourg is really a great place for start-ups because it provides real help and funding and has this multicultural and multilingual aspect.”

Smart choice to launch or scale up a business

There are 10 good reasons why Luxembourg is a smart choice to launch or scale up a business.
Luxembourg offers numerous support measures for its vibrant community of start-ups from incubation to success and acceleration.
Learn more

Expert coaching is key to success of the programme

“You see some start-ups going from having an embryonic idea to something which is potentially a feasible business to something which is actually making money.”

Fit 4 Start: A customer discovery journey

Interview with Michel Blumenthal

“I have been coaching start-ups for almost 20 years, and I have noticed that very few entrepreneurs really know their clients,” says Mr Blumenthal. “They often have a hypothesis on what clients want and build a complete business on this conviction without ever having validated it with potential customers. If they are wrong, the whole enterprise can easily become a failure.”

Read more

Outstanding digital infrastructure

Did you know that Luxembourg has an outstanding digital infrastructure perfect for high-tech start-ups:

  • Ranks 2nd in 2018 for connectivity in the EU’s Digital Transformation scoreboard
  • Is home to the EU EuroHPC Agency (high performance computing initiative to interconnect world-class supercomputers)
  • Houses 40% of all European Tier IV data centres in an ultra-modern park

It is easy to set up a business in Luxembourg

Last but not least, it is easy and cost effective to set up a business in Luxembourg. 

Discover how

Preparing your application

We would love to have you onboard. Interested?
If yes, please read programme details and start to prepare your application. Please don’t forget to include a one minute video presentation of your business.

Fit 4 Start is an initiative of:

Read about the experiences of the former Fit 4 Start participants

Are you interested in learning more about Fit 4 Start Programme?

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Technology innovation for better health


The development of new health technologies, often based on an innovative use of ICT, has the potential to improve healthcare in general as well as to create economic benefits and growth. Developing this sector is a priority for Luxembourg, and the country is implementing multiple initiatives with this as their objective. The latest one is introducing a health tech track in the successful accelerator programme for innovative start-ups, Fit 4 Start.
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