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Muller: Come grain or shine


To make good bread, you need good flour. For more than three centuries, the Muller family has been producing this precious white powder, which is used - among other things - by the Fischer bakery, which has also been part of the family's heritage since the mid-20th century.
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Weber-Heinisch: the roads of glory


For nearly 150 years, Émile Weber's travel vehicles have been criss-crossing the country's roads and far beyond. From the first diligence to the latest, most modern buses, back to the saga of the Weber-Heinich family, which has been running the company for 5 generations.
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Lentz: Ale in a day’s work


At the head of the Brasserie nationale, the Lentz family has been continuing the family heritage for more than two centuries. Between mergers and strategic investments, the company has made its way from generation to generation by combining ancestral tradition and technological innovation.
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Hentgen, with confidence


Industry or commerce are not the only sources of beautiful entrepreneurial and family stories. The financial sector too, as evidenced by the adventure of the insurance company Lalux, carried since the aftermath of the First World War by three generations of the Hentgen family.
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Heintz van Landewyck, successful Tobacco Road


Before the establishment of the iron and steel industry, tobacco was Luxembourg's leading industry. A market where the Heintz van Landewyck family reigned supreme, as the only cigarette manufacturer in the country. A know-how cleverly maintained over the decades, despite sometimes very strong headwinds.
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Luxinnovation announces the publication of the second issue of HAPPEN


Designed as a practical tool, Happen aims to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs on the lookout for a business hub in Europe to realise that the Grand Duchy is not only an attractive business loc... Read more

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Luxinnovation - Your Trusted Partner for Business

Our job is to act as facilitator for companies or entrepreneurs that are planning to launch cutting edge projects, enhance their performance, or expand their business and innovation partnerships at an international level.

Annual Report 2016

FOCUS 11 - Surfing the Digital Waves

With its high-performing, secure ICT infrastructure, dynamic economy and well-developed start-up support system, Luxembourg is an attractive location for creative entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the field of digital technologies. In order to make the country’s competitive advantages better known at the international level, Luxinnovation showcases Luxembourg’s progress towards becoming a digital nation in the latest issue of the magazine FOCUS – Research and Innovation in Luxembourg.

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