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26 June 2017

Launch Services for Small Satellites Users' Day

Brussels (BE)

The European Commission, ESA and Arianespace are inviting to attend the "Launch Services for Small Satellites Users' Day" which will take place on 26 June 2017 in Brussels Read more

29 June 2017

Copernicus for coastal zone monitoring and management

Bruxelles (BE)

The workshop, co-organised with the Copernicus Marine Environment (CMEMS) and Land Monitoring (CLMS) services, will analyse mid-term (2018-2020) and long-term (post-2021) priorities for the potential evolution of CMEMS and CLMS to better address user needs vis-à-vis coastal zone management and monitoring. Read more

03 July 2017

7th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences

Milano (IT)

EUCASS is the high-level forum for all aeronautic and space research players in Greater Europe, including Russia. Read more

03 July 2017

R(e)volution in Space - Exploring your new business

Noordwijk (Pays-Bas)

The purpose of the two-day meeting is to foster new partnerships for space exploration in low Earth orbit and beyond. Read more

03 July 2017


Paris (FR)

Following a call in August 2014, ESA selected in June 2015 three candidates for the “M4” medium-class mission, for a launch opportunity in 2025 (ARIEL, THOR and XIPE). Read more

04 July 2017

Agriculture and Earth Observation

The Hague (NLD)

Modern agriculture relies ever more on the availability of accurate, diverse and continuous information from a variety of data and services. Earth Observation has a clear potential to help address these agricultural needs. Read more

04 September 2017

ESA/JRC International Summerschool on Global Satellite Navigation Systems

Spitsbergen (NO)

A unique opportunity for young researchers in satellite navigation to gain first-class knowledge from worldwide lecturers while experiencing the Arctic environment. Read more

03 October 2017

38th ESA Antenna Workshop

Noordwijk (Pays-Bas)

The 38th ESA Antenna Workshop will provide an overview on recent and on-going antenna systems and technologies developments with particular focus on innovation serving future space missions, including both the space segment and the ground segment. Read more

09 October 2017

Towards an ESA Stratospheric High Altitude Pseudo-Satellites (HAPS) programme for Earth Observation, Telecommunications and Navigation

Noordwijk (Pays-Bas)

The meeting objective is to identify potential synergies between High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) and satellites in the domains of Earth Observation, Telecommunication and Navigation. Read more

28 November 2017

2017 Conference on Big Data from Space

Toulouse (FR)

The objective of this conference is to stimulate interactions and bring together researchers, engineers, users, infrastructure and service providers, interested in exploiting Big Data from Space. Read more