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18 June 2020

Save the Date - Automotive Day 2020

Saarbrücken (Germany)

Security, safety and testing Read more

26 March 2020

Fit 4 Start Spring Edition 2020: Pitching & Graduation Day

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Register now! Pitching day for start-ups applying to the 10th edition of the Fit 4 Start programme and Graduation night of the 9th edition of Fit 4 Start. Read more

07 February 2020

Lightweight Symposium 2020

Mondorf-les-bains (Luxembourg)

Presentation of the Study Results “Space 2020- Winning strategies in innovative ultra-lightweight design”.
What can we learn from Space Industry? Read more

22 January 2020

Neujahrsempfang des Autoregion e.V.

Saarbrücken (Germany)

Das Netzwerk „autoregion e.V.“ unterstützt erfolgreich im fünften Jahr die Arbeit der Unternehmen der Großregion! Wir laden Sie ein zum Neujahrsempfang des autoregion e.V. Read more

13 December 2019

Horizon 2020 - Proposal Writing Workshop


This one-day workshop will provide information about finding and identifying the most relevant calls for proposals, setting up a competitive consortium, defining the strategic objectives of the proposals in relation to the call text, and addressing the various sections of the proposal template. Read more

26 November 2019

Mobility Summit 2019

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The Human Capital Europe is an international people-oriented conference addressing the relationship between human beings and their company, colleagues and environment. It gives the participants the opportunity to connect with key players, rethink the workplace, go in-depth with current HR, Mobility, Health topics to lead humans to the next level in a more responsible world. It is the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners. Read more

07 November 2019

Smart manufacturing conference 2019

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

How to increase competitiveness with new technologies Read more

25 October 2019

International functional safety working group session in Luxembourg

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

For more than 70 years, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has been working on the development and implementation of international standards, thereby supporting innovation and providing solutions to global challenges. Read more

17 October 2019

Cybersecurity for successful innovation: Challenges and tools

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The ongoing digital revolution paves the way for a multitude of new, innovative business ideas and models. Companies at the forefront of this movement have great competitive advantages, but are also increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. Being aware of potential threats and how these can efficiently be alleviated is essential. Luxinnovation is pleased to invite you to an event on practical cybersecurity measures for any company whose innovation activities have a digital dimension. Read more

11 October 2019

Journée Mondiale de la Normalisation 2019

Belvaux (Luxembourg)

L’ILNAS, en collaboration avec l’Université du Luxembourg, organise une session d’information afin de célébrer la 50ème Journée Mondiale de la Normalisation, le vendredi 11 octobre 2019, dès 13h30, à la Maison de la Biomédecine II (Biotech II) sur le Campus d'Esch-Belval. Read more

10 October 2019

Horizon 2020 Info Day 2019

Belval (Luxembourg)

Luxinnovation's European R&D and Innovation Support team invite you to this unique event in Luxembourg where our experts will present the new funding opportunities in detail. The European Commission will soon release the work programmes covering the last years of Horizon 2020. Read more

07 October 2019

Horizon 2020 Transport Info Day

Brussels (Belgium)

The event will present upcoming funding opportunities of approximately €356 million under the following calls: Mobility for Growth (MG), Automated Road Transport (ART), Green Vehicles (GV) and Next Generation Batteries (BAT). Read more

24 > 26 September 2019

European Research and Innovation Days

Brussels (Belgium)

Registration is now open for the European Research and Innovation Days, taking place on 24, 25 and 26 September 2019 in the iconic venue KANAL-Centre Pompidou, Brussels, Belgium. Read more

24 September 2019

Automotive Day 2019

Liège (Belgium)

Automotive Day 2019 will take place 24 September in Liège, Belgium. Organized by the consortium of the project Interreg Grande Région, the event will cover recycling and life cycle assessment challenges in the automotive sector thematics.
Read more

20 September 2019

Masterclass Last mile logistics with drones

Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

This Masterclass will give an in-depth insight into potential usage of drones for short distance freight transport. Read more

19 September 2019

NeMo Final Conference and Exhibition

Barcelona (Spain)

As the NeMo project reaches its conclusion this September, this wrap-up conference will present the results of three years of work by the consortium partners through technical presentations and a technology showcase featuring live demonstrations and an exhibition area. Save the date and join us in Barcelona for a full day of learning and exchange around electromobility. Read more

12 September 2019

Visit to the International Motor Show 2019

Frankfurt (Germany)

On September 12th, 2019, ILEA organises its traditional visit by bus to the International Motor Show (IAA Cars) in Frankfurt. There is no participation fee for ILEA members, but please note that seats are limited. Read more

10 > 12 September 2019

Composite Europe - Lightweight Technologies Forum

Stuttgart (Germany)

In 2019, the Lightweight Technologies Forum – LTF will be hold simultaneously in Stuttgart with THE COMPOSITES EUROPE from 10 up to 12 September.  Read more

09 September 2019

Inauguration du Mobility LOFT

Bertrange (Luxembourg)

L’Automobile Club du Luxembourg est heureux de vous convier à l’inauguration de son nouveau « Mobility LOFT », dédié aux solutions de mobilité.   Read more

03 > 04 September 2019

Visit at Audi, Ingolstadt

Ingolstadt (Germany)

Project partners of the Interreg project "Pôle Automobile Européen" are organising a visit at Audi, Ingolstadt focusing on lightweight material construction. Read more

03 July 2019

Netherlands-Luxembourg Smart and e-Mobility Day

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Le programme inclut une conférence, des présentations de bonnes pratiques, une petite exposition et des workshops. La journée vous offre l'opportunité idéale d'échanger avec des acteurs économiques néerlandais au tour du thème de la mobilité intelligente et de l'électromobilité.
Read more

27 June 2019

360 Possibles Grand Est


The AutoMobility Cluster and the partners of the Interreg Project « Pôle Automobile Européen » cordially invite you to participate to the « 360 possibles Grand Est » event that will take place in Strasbourg on 27/06. Read more

12 June 2019

Service design avec LEGO® Serious Play® : optimisez l'expérience client

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Dans ce Club Innovation, nous allons utiliser la méthode du LEGO® Serious Play® pour vous aider à comprendre comment initier une analyse de l’expérience client dans votre entreprise et trouver des possibilités d’amélioration d’une façon ludique mais efficace. Read more

03 > 06 June 2019

ITS European Congress 2019

LA Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Organised by our partners ERTICO – ITS Europe on 3 – 6 June 2019, the ITS European Congress in one of the largest event dedicated to intelligent transporting systems and smart mobility in general. This event is a strategic opportunity for the transport industry to come together and show the latest innovations.  Read more

14 May 2019

Czech-Luxembourgish Robotics Day

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

A Czech-Luxembourgish Robotics Day, on May 14, 2019, is born out of the common passion for artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems – be it in electronics, software or materials. Read more

02 April 2019

Connected Automated Driving: Europe takes the lead


The deployment of Connected and Automated Driving (CAD) can contribute significantly to our policy goals of bringing down the number of road fatalities, reducing harmful emissions from transport and reducing congestion. At the same time, automated mobility has the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of European industry, create new jobs and boost economic growth. Read more

28 March 2019

News on the challenge of insolvency and reorganization from insolvency

Saarbrücken (Gemany)

The lecture will cover the early recognition of insolvency reasons and minimization of the
liability risk for the managing director. The topic around the "sharp sword of the insolvency administrator"gem. § 64 GmbHG with numerous concrete examples will be covered.
This seminar is aimed at managers who are responsible for making successful business decisions. Read more

21 February 2019

Hydrogen: hype or real business opportunities?

Mondorf-les-Bains (Luxembourg)

High levels of pollution and the threat of drastic climate change have created strong pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen can offer solutions in fields ranging from transport to energy storage, but is it really a technically and economically viable alternative to fossil fuel? Read more

14 > 15 February 2019

Successful R&I in Europe 2019

Düsseldorf (Germany)

The “successful R&I in Europe 2019” event will take place Thursday 14th and Friday 15th February 2019 in Düsseldorf. Researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and regions in Europe are invited to find new European research and innovation (R&I) partners for Horizon 2020 projects. Read more

31 January 2019

AutoMobility Breakfast

Foetz (Luxembourg)

Do you want to learn more about subjects which can help your daily business, and more about innovative companies shaping the automotive world of tomorrow?
Join us at the next AutoMobility Breakfast! Read more

25 January 2019

Autoregion New Year's reception

Saarbrücken (Gemany)

The board and management of autoregion e. V. is pleased to welcome you on the occasion of their Kickoff 2019.
The year 2018 was dedicated to the topic: "Mobility of the future" and this topic will be extended and expanded into 2019 which is under the motto "Opportunities and challenges for innovation, growth and employment".
The Kickoff 2019 promises an excellent introduction to the topic! Read more

28 > 29 November 2018

Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects - European Conference

Brussels (Belgium)

The European Conference - Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects will take place from Wednesday 28 November to Thursday 29 November 2018 in Brussels. The European-wide conference is dedicated to the presentation of results from road transport research in H2020 funded projects. Several road transport-related areas will be covered in order to highlight the contribution of ongoing EU-funded research projects to meet EU policy goals: Green Vehicles, Urban Mobility, Logistics, Automated Road Transport … and many more.

Read more

26 > 27 November 2018

Blockchain Academy Europe - Luxembourg City

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

On the 26th and 27th of November, BTO, in collaboration with B3 (Blockchain Business Board) and with the sponsorship of the Block Show, is organizing here in Luxembourg a two days training event on Blockchain, the Blockchain Academy Europe. Read more

13 > 14 November 2018

Smart City Brokerage Event

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (Spain)

The Smart city brokerage event will take place the Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 November 2018 during the Smart City Expo World Congress at Fira de Barcelona (Gran Via Venue), in the Catalan Pavilion (ACCIÓ). The brokerage event will be focused on H2020 Smart, green and integrated Transport (2019 call).  Read more

09 November 2018

Zulieferertag Automobilwirtschaft BW

Esslingen (Germany)

The event taking place at Neckar Forum will focus on digitalisation, electrification, autonomous driving and new models such as the Share Mobility.  Read more

29 > 31 October 2018

INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth

Vienna (Austria)

The organisation team of the European conference “INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth” (INDTECH2018) welcomes you to Vienna from 29-31 October, 2018. Read more

25 October 2018

Horizon 2020 Day 2018

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Luxinnovation and the European funding team invite you to a unique event in Luxembourg, during which our experts will present in detail new funding opportunities under Horizon 2020 for the years 2019 to 2020. Horizon 2020 is the European flagship funding programme for research and innovation across Europe.
Read more

24 October 2018

Kickoff: Wir führen Sie in die automobile Zukunft 2030!

Homburg (Germany)

autoregion e.V. will organise an Innovation Forum on automobility in the Greater Region.  Read more

18 October 2018

Protecting intellectual property in global competition

Saarbrücken (Germany)

How do I protect my intellectual property in the global competition?
German companies from the automotive industry are known for their inventiveness, new ideas and their technical implementation. When and how can new technical developments, designs and brands be protected? Which industrial property rights can be considered? Which filing strategies for global legal protection exist and which filing strategies make sense? When does copyright law take effect? Read more

15 October 2018

IZB-Congress on “Digital Car Revolution“

Wolfsburg (Germany)

On October 15, 2018, top-level speakers and participants will discuss automotive industry trends at the wellreputed event, focusing on ‘Digital Car Revolution‘. Read more

29 September 2018

"Lëtzebuerg kann Zukunft"


En collaboration avec la Chambre de commerce et IMS, le ministère de l’Économie organise en date du samedi 29 septembre une Journée découverte de l’économie de demain. Intitulé "Lëtzebuerg kann Zukunft", l’événement permet au grand public de visiter 20 entreprises qui ont déjà souscrit aux principes du processus "Rifkin", marqué par la transition digitale et l’utilisation rationnelle de l’énergie. Read more

24 September 2018

Workshop: Industry 4.0 & Horizon 2020

Esch-Sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Industrial Leadership is one of three priorities of the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and it has laid out a path to digitise European industry. Industry 4.0 refers to the whole manufacturing process being digitally connected – concept, design, suppliers, production site distributors and services, even the product itself – thus providing a highly integrated value chain. The EU supports this process change and has allocated €1.7 billion for research and development topics addressing digitisation of the European industry as well as the uptake of digital technologies. Read more

19 September 2018

Electromobility in Rhineland-Palatinate II

Bad Dürkheim (Germany)

The KST-Motorenversuch GmbH & Co. KG together with its club members invite you to Bad Dürkheim on 19 September to the Electromobility in Rhineland-Palatinate II event.
You can exchange ideas with experts and participants from the automotive industry!
Read more

18 > 19 September 2018

2018 CLEPA Warranty Conference

Frankfurt ( Germany)

Warranty in a digital world is the title of this year’s conference and the agenda promises to be packed with interesting speakers with a focus on three main themes. Industry Trends and Legal Aspects, Global and Customer Views and Challenges, liabilities and process design. Read more

13 September 2018

AutoMobility Breakfast

Bascharage (Luxembourg)

Do you want to learn more about subjects which can help your daily business, and more about innovative companies shaping the automotive world of tomorrow?
Join us to the next AutoMobility Breakfast!
Read more

12 September 2018

Quo vadis Autoland Saarland

Saarlouis (Germany)

What are the future prospects for Autoland Saarland, especially for growth and employment in view of the considerable structural changes regionally, technologically and economically? Read more

11 > 15 September 2018

Automechanika Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Automechanika Frankfurt is the world's leading trade fair for the automotive service industry. In 2018 the biennial trade fair will be celebrating its 25th anniversary with a host of new themes and REIFEN as a co-located show. Read more

11 June 2018

MSCA Individual Fellowships – Grant Writing Workshop


Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individiual fellowships (MSCA IF) are bottom-up grants for postdocs and principal investigators early in their career. They provide salary and research funding for 12-24 months (up to 36 months for global fellowships) and aim to support the mobility and increase the employability of researchers in Europe. Read more

07 June 2018

Automotive Day 2018

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

« The most important annual event in the Greater Region for top professionals in the automotive sector. » This year's edition focuses on the "Digitalisation of Mobility", and will bring together industry leaders and experts to exchange ideas and expertise on trends, challenges and opportunities. Read more

16 > 30 May 2018

Entrepreneurs Days

Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

Entrepreneurs Days is a series of events focusing on entrepreneurship. Read more

07 May 2018

Conference: New BEPS-compliant Intellectual Property tax regime in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

FEDIL is pleased to invite you to a conference on the new BEPS-compliant IP tax regime in Luxembourg, which will take place on Monday, 7 May 2018 at 14h30 in the Chamber of Commerce Conference Center (room C2). Read more

03 May 2018

Focus on Innovation that matters

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Innovation can be a very powerful tool to enhance the viability of your business – but how do you find that unique innovative idea that will give your company a real boost? Join us for a workshop on a structured and guided process that will help the engineers and managers of your organisation think out of the box and create the next breakthroughs. Read more

27 April 2018

Horizon 2020 Brokerage Event

Paris (France)

Space, Environment and Transport NCPs, the French clusters ASTech Paris Region and Mov’eo and Enterprise Europe Network are pleased to invite you to the first Horizon 2020 Brokerage Event dedicated to the space, environment and transport communities. Read more

25 > 27 April 2018


Ljubljana (Slovenia )

European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc is inviting Ministers, Members of the European Parliament and key stakeholders to Ljubljana to discuss how to contribute to smart, sustainable and safe Mobility, relying on the trans-European transport network and investments in transport connectivity. 
Read more

19 April 2018

Autonomes und vernetztes Fahren – Risiken, Chancen und rechtliche Herausforderungen

Saarbrücken (Germany)

Der Durchbruch des automatisierten und vernetzten Fahrens ist absehbar. Doch mit dem Voranschreiten der Technik stellen sich gewichtige Fragen. Wie lässt sich mehr Sicherheit ohne Bevormundung erzielen? Read more

17 > 19 April 2018

ETNA2020 Brokerage Event

Vienna (Austria)

Within the Framework of the TRA Conference 2018, the project ETNA 2020 is organizing a networking and brokerage event - jointly supported by ETNA 2020 and Enterprise Europe Network - focusing on the topics covered by the Transport Work Programme 2018-2020. The networking and brokerage event will take place at the TRA MARKETPLACE, in the exhibition area, between 17 and 19 April 2018 in Vienna. Read more

15 March 2018

Industrietreffen 2018

Saarbrücken (Deutschland)

Wir wollen Sie am 15. März vertieft mit dem Thema der Robotic im Bereich 4.0 vertraut machen, dazu werden Ihnen ausgewiesene Experten - auf dem Sektor der Robotic in der Produktion - das Thema näher bringen. Read more

15 March 2018

How to encourage INNOVATION in your company

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

The AutoMobility Cluster & the Creative Industries Cluster have the pleasure of inviting you to a training session on how to foster an innovation culture that will help your company keep ahead of competition. Read more

01 March 2018

Networking lunch "Meating"

Steinfort (Luxembourg)

Luxinnovation, Resultance and TrAxxion are pleased to invite you to the next edition of Meating, a lunchtime networking event for Fit 4 Innovation participants. Read more

06 February 2018

How to convert your ideas into successful business?

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Luxinnovation has the pleasure of inviting you to conference that will give you a unique insight into the TOC process for business innovation. The keynote presentation will be given by Mr Rami Goldratt, CEO of Goldratt Consulting, and Dr Yishai Ashlag, Senior Partner of Goldratt Consulting. Read more

06 February 2018

Présenter aux entreprises la loi d’aides à la recherche et à l’innovation

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

En collaboration avec les chambres professionnelles, le ministère de l’Économie invite à deux conférences publiques pour présenter les mesures d’aides aux entreprises prévues par la récente loi relative aux régimes d’aides à la recherche, au développement et à l’innovation Read more

17 January 2018

Kick off 2018

Zweibrücken (Germany)

Autonome Systeme wie selbstfahrende Autos oder autonome Fertigungsroboter werden in den nächsten Jahren unsere Gesellschaft nachhaltig verändern. Diese neue Generation autonomer Systeme wird komplexe Aufgaben lösen, selbständig lernen und eigene Entscheidungen treffen! Read more

17 January 2018

How to write a competitive Horizon 2020 proposal

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

Horizon 2020 is the EU's research and innovation funding programme. It runs from 2014-2020 and has a budget of €80 billion. Read more

11 January 2018


Hautcharage (Luxembourg)

This short seminar is mainly dedicated to extrusion production/process engineers and polymer Research & Development (R&D) scientists. Read more

13 December 2017

EC Transport infoday and Brokerage Event

Brussels (BE)

Within the Framework of the EC Transport infoday the project ETNA 2020 is organizing a networking and brokerage event - jointly supported by ETNA 2020 and Enterprise Europe Network - focusing on the topics covered by the Transport Work Programme 2018. The networking and brokerage event will take place the 13th of December in Brussels. Read more

11 > 14 December 2017

IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC)

Belfort (FR)

The VPPC 2017 conference aims at providing a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and creative ideas in vehicle power and propulsion. Read more

30 November 2017


Bascharage (Luxembourg)

The Automobility Cluster invites you to learn more about innovative companies shaping the automotive world of tomorrow. Read more

22 November 2017

Journée Export Grande Région

Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

Les entreprises artisanales voient une activité transfrontalière de plus en plus comme une opportunité pour se développer. Read more

22 November 2017

L’Excellence dans la mobilité

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Le problème des parkings devient de plus en plus pressant dans les grandes villes. Depuis quelques années, thyssenkrupp propose des solutions innovantes avec son partenaire Wöhr, leader mondial dans le secteur des parkings automatiques. Read more

20 November 2017


Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

On November 20, 2017, ILEA, in collaboration with AGORIA (Belgium's largest employers' organisation and trade association) will organize a B2B event in order to bring together innovative automotive suppliers from Belgium and Luxembourg. Read more

15 November 2017

Visit of the SmartFactory in Kaiserslautern

Kaiserslautern (DE)

The economy of the 21st century is characterized by global competition, ever shorter innovation and product life cycles, as well as a growing demand for individualized products. In order to remain competitive under these conditions, manufacturers must employ flexible and variable factory systems. SmartFactoryKL believes that Industrie 4.0 is the right concept for this. Read more

08 November 2017


Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The Ministry of the Economy, the Automobility and ICT Clusters are pleased to invite you to an information session about the LU-DE-FR digital cross-border test bed.
Read more

27 October 2017

H2020 Day

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

The European Commission is releasing next month the last work programmes covering the final years of Horizon, from 2018 to 2020. Luxinnovation and the European funding team invite you to this unique event in Luxembourg where our experts will present these new opportunities in detail. Read more

26 October 2017

Conférence Inspiring Luxembourg

Luxembourg-Kirchberg (Luxembourg)

En un an, la Signature du Luxembourg et les valeurs qu’elle incarne ont pris leur place dans la communication du pays. Read more

26 October 2017


Zweibrücken (DE)

Die Firmenkontaktmesse FiKoM ist eine Veranstaltung der Hochschule Kaiserslautern. Read more

24 October 2017

International Clean Room Day

Spiesen-Elversberg (DE)

Cleanroom Day is a great opportunity to take part in speeches and presentations on the subject of clean room technology. Read more

19 October 2017

IraSME & CORNET Partnering Event

Brussels (BE)

A chance for matchmaking with companies & researchers for future projects. Get the latest information on funding opportunities.  Read more

05 October 2017

Thematic economic mission: Visiting the automotive sector in Lommel (BE)

Lommel (BE)

The mission will take place in Lommel (Belgium) at the headquarters of FLANDERS MAKE. The programme of the mission will include sectoral workshops, information sessions, and a networking opportunity to discuss possible future collaborations with FLANDERS MAKE and its member companies. Read more

05 October 2017

Conférence sur la modélisation et la gestion du trafic routier par la mathématicienne Paola Goatin

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

L’Institut français du Luxembourg, en partenariat avec l'Association Victor Hugo, AG2R La Mondiale, Société Générale Bank & Trust et l’Université du Luxembourg, a le plaisir de recevoir la mathématicienne Paola Goatin, lauréate des Trophées Femmes en Or 2016 pour la catégorie “Smart City” et du Prix Inria – Académie des Sciences du Jeune Chercheur en 2014, pour une conférence intitulée : «Le trafic routier en équations» Read more

29 September 2017

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Le salon de recrutement, évènement officiel de l'Université du Luxembourg, vous permettra de rencontrer en une seule journée les principaux employeurs du Luxembourg! Read more

14 September 2017

Networking Event - IAA 2017 at Luxembourg pavilion

Frankfurt (DE)

The Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Automobility Cluster have the pleasure to invite you to a Networking Event at the Luxembourg Pavilion
C29 in Hall 4.1 on Thursday, 14th September 2017, 16:00 - 19:00 .
Read more

12 > 15 September 2017


Frankfurt (DE)

The 67th International Motor Show (IAA) Cars will run under the slogan “Future now,” dedicated to the core topics of automotive transformation. The key aspects will include connected and automated driving, electric mobility, and new mobility concepts for the cities of the future. Read more

08 September 2017

ERC Info Day

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

The prestigious grants of the European Research Council (ERC) aim to stimulate scientific excellence in Europe by funding the very best and most creative researchers. In view of the forthcoming submission dates for ERC Starting Grand and Consolidator Grant proposals (17 October 2017 and 15 February 2018, respectively), Luxinnovation, the National Contact Point for Horizon 2020, is organising an ERC Info Day. The objective is to provide you with inside knowledge on how to write and defend an excellent project proposal with good chances of success. Read more

08 September 2017

Exclusive training session: IATF 16949:16 and ISO 9001:2015 requirements & commitment for key functional group Managers

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)

The Luxembourg Automobility Cluster is pleased to organise a 1 day training session to provide Managers from key functional groups with the necessary knowledge to support their organisation in achieving compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016. Read more

07 September 2017

Mobilität der Zukunft – was wird uns in den kommenden Jahren bewegen?

Saarbrücken (DE)

Neue Player, innovative Geschäftsmodelle und verändertes Nutzerverhalten im Automobilsektor Read more

05 > 06 July 2017

Guided visit of Innovative City 2017

Nice (France)

The Innovative City, organized by the Innovative City will take place from 5th July to 6th July 2017 at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions Nice Acropolis in Nice, France. Read more

04 July 2017

Eurostars webinar


Ahead of the next cut-off deadline for Eurostars funding applications on 14 September 2017, a webinar will be organised on 4 July 2017 at 11:00 to provide you with straightforward information about the Eurostars programme, the national funding rules as well as tools on how to find an international partner. Read more

03 July 2017

Research & Innovation – shaping our future

Brussels (BE)

The conference Research & Innovation – Shaping our Future, hosted by Research, Science and Innovation Commissioner Carlos Moedas, will bring together policymakers from EU institutions, nearly 500 stakeholders and interested actors to discuss the role of research and innovation for Europe's future. Read more

20 > 21 June 2017

Future Mobility Forum

Wolfsburg (DE)

Die Konferenz ist nach Abstimmung mit Volkswagen AG entlang 4 strategischen Entwicklungszielen der Automobilindustrie organisiert. Diese ziehen sich durch beide Konferenztage und lenken die inhaltlichen Beiträge. Read more

13 June 2017

Eurostars webinar


Ahead of the next cut-off deadline for Eurostars funding applications on 14 September 2017 at 20:00 CET, a webinar will be organised on 13 June at 11:00 to provide with straightforward information about the Eurostars programme. Read more

13 Jun > 15 May 2017


London (Great Britain)

TechXLR8 is a festival of technology taking you on a journey, between networks, tech and consumer services. Read more

24 May 2017

Smart City Conference

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

The 'Smart City' is an urban development vision to optimise the daily management of city infrastructure through a combination of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. Read more

18 May 2017

Automotive Day 2017

Saarlouis (DE)

Automotive Day is a great opportunity to take part in speeches and panel discussions about the topic “Industry of the future / industry 4.0″ and keep you informed of the technological trends of industry leaders of the Automotive sector. Read more

11 May 2017

Job fair of the University of Saarland

Saarbrücken (DE)

The Luxembourg Automobility Cluster, in collaboration with ILEA, is pleased to invite you to participate at a job fair organised by the University of Saarland on 11 May 2017. Read more

09 May 2017

1. Saarländischer Automobiltag

Saarbrücken (DE)

Auf dem ersten Saarländischen Automobiltag, der von der IHK Saarland und dem Saarländischen Kraftfahrzeugverband veranstaltet wird, wird über Herausforderungen und Perspektiven der Branche im Saarland informiert und mit Experten Zukunftsszenarien diskutiert. Read more