The 10 points below list the reasons why the Mind & Market Forum fits right into your agile start-up strategy and can help you to grow past where you are today:

  1. It tests your flexibility

Rest assured that experts, investors and jury members will test your flexibility and reactivity.

Prepare yourself for challenging questions that will make you rethink your project planning from start to finish.

  1. You profit from a unique audience

During the Mind & Market Forum, you will find a unique audience to whom you can pitch your project consisting of other start-ups and entrepreneurs, researchers and innovators as well as market experts and investors.

  1. You can boost your quality

A continuous review will help you to check the quality of your product and boost it even further. 

  1. It increases your speed

The more you pitch, test, and adjust, according to your juries and first customers, the faster you can develop and the more you reduce your time to market.

  1. You collect valuable user feedback

Bring your demo version along and let event participants have a go. There is no better way to collect feedback than getting it live and instantly.

  1. You learn to be more decisive

After the forum, you might see things clearer and be able to make the uncomfortable decisions that you postponed before.

  1. It will help reduce your risks

Of course, criticism can be harsh, but the comments you genuinely listen to NOW can only positively affect your project and reduce risks in the future.

  1. You focus on people

In every day hustle, it is easy to lose sight of your actual client and his wishes. Mind and Market will remind you to focus on people and what they actually except and need from your product.

  1. You consider the results

Being reminded to consider the end results at the right stage of your start-up journey can clear your busy entrepreneurs’ head and force you to refocus on the essentials.

  1. You learn how to identify and correct mistakes

Mistakes are human. If you have become blind to shortcomings in between your various company processes you will certainly receive a wake-up call from the mind and market crowd. Bravely facing the advice and feedback means it will be a no-brainer to identify and correct mistakes in your processes or developments.

We know you are eager to succeed, so do not miss the Mind & Market Forum – the ultimate opportunity to receive valuable feedback on your project and product from experts and potential investors. You might just receive the key pieces of advice you need to catalyze your start-up project to the next level. Get yourself out there and present your project to the jury.

See you tomorrow, 14 November at the University of Luxembourg in Belval.

Good luck and most importantly, happy iteration!

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