The “Plastic Loop” project is progressing well. In 2018, four thematic workshops, an interregional conference and a market study on the main actors in the EP, PET and PP value chain in the Greater Region were jointly organised by the EcoInnovation and Materials & Manufacturing Clusters.

Based on the results of the study and exchanges with Luxembourg and Greater Region companies, various business cases focusing on mechanical and chemical recycling and substitute products have been under study since the beginning of this year.

A conference to report on the actions and projects undertaken will be scheduled at the end of the year.

“We are also intensifying our actions in the field of eco-neighbourhoods by aiming to promote the matching of Luxembourg companies’ product and service offerings with future demand,” explains Charles-Albert Florentin, manager of the EcoInnovation cluster.

In this field of eco-neighbourhoods, where the aim is now to match supply and demand, the cluster will consult the main public contracting authorities, administrations, chambers and associations concerned until June in order to reference ongoing and future projects (there are more than thirty of them) that include circularity requirements.

The first objective is to make companies aware of future demands in terms of the design, supply, installation and maintenance of buildings. A first workshop will be organised in the second half of the year.

Esch-Schifflange: the final straight

More specifically, on the Agora project in Esch-Schifflange, four consortia of urban planners/landscape planners/architects presented to the public their project for the rehabilitation of ArcelorMittal wastelands in Esch-Schifflange on 4 April last in Esch. Here is the list:

  • 1. COBE (Copenhagen / DK), URBAN AGENCY, (Copenhagen / DK) LUXPLAN S.A. (Elmen / LU), URBAN CREATORS (Copenhagen / DK);
  • 2. Studio Paola Viganò (Mailand / IT), Systematica (Mailand / IT), Idea Consult (Brüssel / BE), Sweco (Brüssel / BE);
  • 3. Hawkins\Brown (London / UK), OKRA (Utrecht / NL), Weeber+Partner (Stuttgart / DE), Phil Jones Associates (London / UK);
  • 4. ilex (Lyon, FR), Pont12 (Lausanne / CH), Citec Ingénieurs Conseils S.A (Geneva / CH), Plein Sens (Paris, FR), Oasiis (Paris, FR)

A comprehensive and concerted guide plan will be proposed from September by the COBE group, selected by the project jury, composed of experts and representatives of the State, ArcelorMittal, the municipalities of Esch and Schifflange and Agora.

(More information, and

Finally, in the field of selective deconstruction, a first inventory of the sector and good practices in Luxembourg and the Greater Region was carried out by the operational working group, launched in July 2018, in partnership with the LIST, the University of Luxembourg and the Superdreckskëscht.

The project aims in the long term to improve, in the country, the recovery and resale not only of materials, but also of secondary products resulting from deconstruction.

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Smart Manufacturing Week in 10 quotes


Here are 10 highlights of the 5th edition of the Smart Manufacturing Week, organised by Luxinnovation from 8 to 10 June 2022 at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg.

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Differdange on the way to climate neutrality


With the support of Luxinnovation, the country's third largest city is participating in the European project to become climate neutral and intelligent.
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A mature and dynamic automotive sector


The mapping presented at the beginning of June provides valuable information about the automotive sector in Luxembourg.
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"Become a consultant for Fit 4 Sustainability"


As part of the implementation of the new programme announced in May by the Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot, Luxinnovation is looking for specialised consultants to support companies. Explanations with Emmanuelle Kipper, Senior Advisor- SME Performance at Luxinnovation.
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5G-Safe-Plus: technologies for road safety


With the support of Luxinnovation, HITEC Luxembourg has joined the international 5G-Safe-Plus project aimed at preventing traffic accidents by providing high-performance communication solutions. The first equipment is being installed on the highways.
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