Companies investing in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles can get a subsidy of varied percentages under the aid scheme.

Divided into two parts, one aid is restricted to larger projects with the aim to expand the network of charging points in Luxembourg. The other is intended for SMEs to accelerate their transition to e-mobility.

The application has to be submitted before the beginning of the project.

A total amount of €5 million is earmarked for all the selected projects. Under the scheme for larger projects, the aid amount is calculated based on the eligible costs. Several parameters are also considered including whether the charging station is fully accessible to the public (up to 50% co-funding), semi-accessible (40%), or private (30%).

The funding scheme for SMEs provides grants of up to 50% of project expenditures and up to 60% of grid connection costs. The maximum award is €60,000 for the cost of connecting the charging infrastructure to the grid, and €40,000 for any expenditures associated with creating or increasing charging capacity.

Available support to guide you

Luxinnovation and Klima-Agence can provide support in setting up the projects.

“For questions about the eligibility of the company, we really advise you to contact Luxinnovation”, explains Randy Quintus – Project Manager – Financing & State Aid at the Ministry of the Economy. Klima-Agence can provide guidance on the technical feasibility of the project. Applications that have been reviewed by these entities at zero cost are generally processed more quickly.

“It’s a win-win situation for both the ministry and the companies because the procedures are more efficient,” he adds. The agencies are not involved in the decision making, which is handled by the Ministry of the Economy.

“The application has to be submitted before the beginning of the project,” stresses Xavier Hansen, Project Officer – Digitalisation at the Ministry of the Economy.

Over 50 charging infrastructure projects retained

The past three calls have financed about 698 new private charging points, and over 230 terminals open to the public.

19 companies representing 29 projects were selected for funding in the first call. A total of €5 million was allocated to 20 projects by 17 companies during the second call for projects. Several projects were selected in the third round.

For questions about the eligibility of the company, we really advise you to contact Luxinnovation.

The financing decision is announced 4 to 6 weeks after the call closes. Companies can submit their applications via the website.

For more information, watch the replay of the webinar organised by the Ministry of the Economy, Luxinnovation and Klima-Agence, on 11 January 2024 and review the presentation slides.


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