6zero1 is launching its third call for applications and social entrepreneurs have never been so close to accessing a unique range of services and funding opportunities. Applications are open until 30 November 2017. 

The 6zero1 programme offers a compelling set of services that aim to assist social entrepreneurs throughout the process of launching their business. The programme starts on 8 January 2018 for a period of 12 months and includes:

6-Network: Programme of conferences and participatory debates

6-Assistance: Personalised assistance in the application for approval as a societal impact company (société d’impact sociétal, SIS)

6-Training: Programme focusing on key themes of social enterprises (eg. measuring social  impact, project management, communication, finance, website)

6-Finance: Get in contact with funding institutions (philanthropy, micro-credit, bank credit)

6-Consulting: Individual support, mentoring and sponsorship

What are the benefits?

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to establish and develop their social enterprise within the 6zero1 workspace, located at 1535° in Differdange.

6zero1 gives you access to its 12-month “Incubation + Acceleration” package for €4800 excluding VAT.

Here are the available packages:

A – Existing company/structure: €4800 excluding VAT to be paid upon acceptance in the programme.

B – Independent entrepreneur: Registration fee: €1200 excluding VAT to be paid upon acceptance in the program + monthly payments of €400 excluding VAT for 9 months.

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A Luxembourg testbed for optimising electrical vehicle fleet charging


German start-up RiDERgy provides companies with innovative tools for electrifying their vehicle fleet and optimising electric vehicle charging. The company has chosen Luxembourg as the testbed for perfecting and commercialising its offering.
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Developing technology for industry


Supporting businesses with their R&D projects and helping them speed up prototyping and market introduction is central for the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). LIST’s Sustainable Biotech Innovation Centre cooperates with companies on their development of bio-based products and bioprocesses.
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Learning maths the digital way


Digital education start-up Magrid reflects both Luxembourg’s digital expertise and its highly international population. Magrid’s innovative digital solution that helps children improve their cognitive, visual-spatial, and mathematical abilities without requiring them to speak any specific language attracts much interest from abroad. The company now uses Luxembourg as the base for its international expansion.
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Why startups choose Luxembourg (4/4): A supportive ecosystem


What is it like to be part of the Luxembourg start-up ecosystem? Four start-ups of different origins speak about their experience of everything from finding investors and clients to the easy access to decision makers.
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Sustainable industry: making a difference


The 2022 edition of Smart Manufacturing Week is in full swing with sustainable manufacturing as its main focus. The first day of the event challenged companies in all sectors of activity to determine the areas in which they can make a difference and launch concrete actions, for their own benefit as well as for that of the world.
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