Skippet (formally MyMedBot) makes it possible for anyone to create software perfectly customised to their needs just by describing their problems in plain, everyday language. “Our mission is to put humans first in our digital world,” says Jacob Arnould. “We use artificial intelligence to enable computers to understand human language in order to configure apps through our no-code platform.”

Successful fundraising from the US and Europe

Jacob Arnould, Skippet, speaks about successful fundraisingThe first springboard for Skippet was the grant that the company received when it participated in Fit 4 Start in 2018. “Together with a small pre-seed round, it enabled us to scale MyMedBot, an online platform that helps schools and businesses create health and vaccine screening protocols,” Mr Arnould points out. “The platform has over 100,000 users today. Our customers are based primarily in the US, although we also have clients in the Middle East and Canada. Our international team is headquartered in Luxembourg.”

Our lead investor, US-based venture capital fund Neo, has vast experience in investing in no-code and artificial intelligence start-ups.

Skippet is the continuation of MyMedBot. “We leveraged our success to raise a $2.4 million seed round from Silicon Valley and European investors to take our company to the next level. Our lead investor, US-based venture capital fund Neo, has vast experience in investing in no-code and artificial intelligence start-ups and we are really happy to have them on board. Our next step is now to complete the beta version of Skippet with our customers.  We can’t wait to see the look on people’s faces when they discover how much they can accomplish with Skippet!”

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Luxembourg #1 in the EU for government R&D spending per capita


Recent statistics from EUROSTAT show that the Luxembourg government allocate by far the biggest national R&D budget in the European Union in relation to the size of the population.
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Discovering Luxembourg


Hills, forests and unique rock formations, medieval castles, UNESCO World Heritage sites and places that witnessed the birth and key progress of the European Union: Luxembourg has much to offer the curious visitor. This truly cosmopolitan country with a long tradition of welcoming people from abroad also provides old and new residents with an excellent quality of life.
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Investor care platform


Investing abroad is a challenging endeavour. In case you are interested in opening an office or setting up a global or European headquarters in Luxembourg, the partners of Luxembourg Trade & Invest offer a range of high-quality, free services to support you every step of the way and help make your venture a success.
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A gateway for Europe


South African national Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux Airlines International, has been living in Luxembourg since 2012. We spoke to him about his experience of living and working in Luxembourg.
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700 road mobility companies in Luxembourg


A recent mapping of Luxembourg’s automotive sector covers no less than 700 mobility companies, ranging from large international groups to numerous SMEs and disruptive start-ups.
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