Lauriane ChuzevilleBuilding on the success of its inaugural edition, the second Luxembourg HealthTech Cluster Matchmaking breakfast will take place on 30 November at Skip in Belval.

“Whether you are a healthtech company, consultant, decision-maker, hospital representative, researcher, partner, enabler or service provider, this event is for you, tailored to meet your networking and project development needs. It is not just for companies, the objective is to gather all healthtech stakeholders in a relaxed and informal atmosphere that fosters interactions and partnerships between various entities,” states Lauriane Chuzeville, Advisor at the Luxembourg HealthTech Cluster of Luxinnovation.

Nurturing new connections, cooperation, and partnerships is critical to remain competitive in such a bustling sector.

“With the on-going digital revolution and the challenges linked to population ageing and chronic diseases, the sector of health technologies is very dynamic and rapidly expanding worldwide. Nurturing new connections, cooperation, and partnerships is critical to remain competitive in such a bustling sector. This B2B matchmaking event promotes these connections and plays also a pivotal role in the development of a robust and cooperative national healthtech ecosystem, which is essential for driving innovation and sustained growth in the sector,” she adds.

Matchmaking tool for business meetings

Jean-Philippe Arié, Luxinnovation, organises the European Digital HealthTech Hub Conference on digital medical devicesDuring this event, several “B2B Meetings” can be planned with the support of a matchmaking tool available on the event website. Last year, 142 meetings took place between diverse stakeholders in the healthtech ecosystem. Registrations for this year’s edition are now open and participants can schedule in advance 15-minute appointments with other attendees. This short-time appointment format makes it possible to meet with multiple parties throughout the event.

“We are pleased with the enthusiasm shown by the ecosystem. Around 140 persons have already signed up, which is more than the total numbers we had last year. Registrations are still ongoing, and we expect to eventually have even more participants this year!” asserts Jean-Philippe Arié, Luxinnovation Cluster Manager – HealthTech.

The objective is to gather all healthtech stakeholders in a relaxed and informal atmosphere that fosters interactions and partnerships.

Once registered, it is possible to see all the participants directly on the platform, schedule and manage the meetings.

“In a digital era dominated by emails and virtual meetings, the significance of events like this cannot be overstated. Individuals get to engage face-to-face, discuss ideas, and forge meaningful partnerships. This holds particular importance for Luxembourg, a country that prioritises genuine human connections and values the importance of in-person meetings,” explains Dr. Chuzeville.

Colour-coded healthtech networking

Upon arrival, participants can distinguish themselves through collar colours, each representing one of the six following categories:

  • digital medical devices,
  • non-digital medical devices and equipment,
  • non-regulated software,
  • in-vitro medical devices,
  • pharma-related fields,
  • wellness fields.

“This system will make it easier for people to identify and connect with participants working in areas of interest to them, even if they were previously unfamiliar with one another. Those who wish to indicate their expertise in various fields can wear several collars, as was done last year,” notes Dr. Chuzeville.

While the event primarily focuses on the Luxembourg ecosystem, international participation is welcomed.

Photo credit: Luxinnovation/Kaorianne (2022 matchmaking breakfast)

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