BS Innoclean, a specialist in the cleaning and treatment of industrial surfaces, is a start-up very much in keeping with the times. Established at the end of 2014, and installed at Technoport incubator in Foetz, Luxembourg since last spring, the company is becoming well-known for its pure and simple innovation. Both the techniques and the approach that the company employ are innovative. Proposing a catalogue of standardised solutions is out of the question for this team: each intervention is carefully analysed in advance together with the client before a tailor-made solution is offered that fits perfectly with their needs and expectations.

The technologies used are complementary: cleaning by laser, cryogenic or atmospheric plasma. Their common characteristics include an application without direct contact with the surface, great flexibility of use, an optimisation of the surface treatment (cleaning, stripping, rust elimination, etc.), an optimal performance and, above all, a highly positive impact on the environment with very little consumables and a limited need for energy as well as reduced waste as polluting substances are often simply destroyed.

Electrical cabinets, rotor depollution, the cleaning of production chains, surface treatment, stripping… the needs are endlessly varied and the solutions offered almost infinite. “Our techniques generally make it possible to intervene without having to stop the running of the machine or the material that we are treating, and they don’t damage or alter the treated parts,” explains BSI’s Benjamin Mauran.

The company has its own workshop for producing complete solutions depending on the demand. BSI can also produce its own ice refills for dry ice blasting. “In addition to the ecological aspects, which are not always easy to explain to companies, there is a purely human aspect because the interventions conducted are much less of a nuisance for the operators.”

Founded by Simon Triz, a young industrial development engineer from Lorraine and a graduate of the universities of Metz and Aachen, the company currently has four collaborators. In addition to some major references in Luxembourg (ArcelorMittal, Guardian, DuPont, Ceratizit), BSI is also beginning its international expansion and already has “agents” in France and in Germany and contacts in Switzerland. The intention is clearly to continue in this direction.

Ongoing developments and future perspectives are not only geographic. Without respite, the BSI engineers are working on evolutions of their products and services, such as the possibility to be able to work on high-tension lines without contact or “miniaturised” solutions for treating extremely small parts.

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