Organised by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster of Luxinnovation with the support of the Ministry of the Economy, this Circular by Design Challenge aimed at supporting creatives engaged in sustainable and circular achievements.

The webinar was opened with a speech by Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot, who recalled the key role that the creative industries can play in the current economic context. “The ‘Green transition’ is a key priority for Luxembourg. Moving from the traditional ‘take-make-waste’ approach to a circular economy is necessary to succeed in this transition,” Minister Fayot said. “This requires designing new products and processes with the circular perspective at the very centre of the process. New innovative solutions are needed in all economic sectors. The creative industries have great potential to contribute with innovative solutions and ideas.”

World-renowned Australian designer Layla Acaroglu, a specialist in disruptive design gave a keynote presentation on tools to implement in order to solve problems through creativity.

Former winners speak

Two entrepreneurs who participated in the first edition of the programme earlier this year shared their experience. “If you have an idea or a project, go for it”, encouraged Filip Westerlund, Founder and CEO of Our Choice, who won the “Mobility” category with his circular sneakers. “During the programme, we are constantly questioning what we are doing. It’s not about what or how, but why. The aim is to do better each time, while keeping a circular mindset. The support we received was a perfect fit and doesn’t exist anywhere else.”

Marko Klacar, who won the “Product Design” award for his Capriole sustainable coffee fertiliser project, highlighted the essential support of the entire programme team throughout the 12 weeks of coaching. “I came from nothing and this programme has given me a model. We were taught a way of thinking and questioning. As a result, my project got attention and credibility due to the quality stamp offered by the programme.”

Five categories, 15 ideas

The second edition of the Circular by Design Challenge now invites entrepreneurs based elsewhere in Europe to apply for participation in one of the following five categories:

  • Sustainable cities
  • Industry 4.0
  • Fashion design
  • Mobility
  • National branding.

“Climate change, global warming, depletion of essential resources: the need for a more sustainable society is urgent,” said Marc Lis, manager of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster. “We are convinced that creativity has a key role to play and the Circular by Design Challenge puts entrepreneurs and their creative spirit at the centre of the solution-finding process.”

Fifteen candidates will be chosen after the selection process, which closes on 3 December. They will then be engaged in an intensive 12-week coaching programme, enabling them to develop their project idea with the support of one of the Challenge’s industrial partners and a dedicated coach.

“This programme corresponds exactly to Luxinnovation’s core mission, which is to empower companies to innovate today in order for them to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Our mission is also to help the Luxembourg economy develop in a competitively sustainable manner through research and innovation. With the Circular by Design Challenge, we are doing exactly that,” concluded Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation, when officially launching the call for applications.

Replay of the Webinaire:

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