Mr Florentin, what is the basic principle of the Fit 4 Circularity programme?

“It is aimed at promoting the development of the circular economy within companies. It provides them with innovative growth relays.

Until recently, the programme targeted individual companies. We have revised this approach and now it is also aimed at groups of companies that are positioned in the same value chain.

Previously, Fit 4 Circularity was a two-stage programme. Firstly, a circularity audit was carried out within a company, with the help of a consultant labelled by Luxinnovation. Then, on the basis of this diagnosis and the recommendations expressed, the company could set up a research, development and innovation programme, co-financed by the Ministry of the Economy.

Our new approach broadens the scope of intervention. It is no longer limited to a single company, but open to groups of companies positioned on the same value chains.”

What type of company is the Fit 4 Circularity programme aimed at?

“It is primarily accessible to small and medium-sized companies that want to commit to the implementation and use of a circular production or distribution model.

But companies that have already undertaken actions in this area are obviously welcome to further improve their approach.”

Do you feel that there is a real enthusiasm for the circular economy in Luxembourg?

“There are clearly more and more reflections and approaches revolving around the circular economy. The COVID crisis has also further highlighted the need to turn towards such an economic model.

One of the most active sectors in this field is clearly the construction sector. There is hardly any major project that is launched without a circular dimension from the design stage.

Several Luxembourg and European players positioned in the construction value chain have already expressed the wish to work together on issues relating to deconstruction and modularity.

But this sector is not the only one concerned: urban agriculture and industry in general are also very much involved in the subject.”

If you had to convince a company to take the plunge, what would you tell them?

“I would emphasise the fact that committing to a circular approach allows you to be one step ahead of the competition through responsible innovation.

It also allows companies to position themselves in a market where the reasonable management of natural resources is going to become a key success factor. The Fit 4 Circularity programme will enable them to identify growth drivers in a rapidly changing economy and to be supported in their implementation.”

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