Since the beginning of the year, the cultural association Rotondes has been using Radio Ara to promote cultural life in Luxembourg and, more specifically, in two districts of the city.

“We cover Rotonde’s cultural events and in general what we see in the Bonnevoie and Gare districts,” explains Lisi Schoen, a Rotonde’s Volunteer in the Socio-cultural and Events department.

Once a month, every second Tuesday, Radio Rotondes offers, between 6.30 and 8 pm, an overview of different sections with personal stories; inspirations and cultural experiences; a “Walk & Talks” with national and international artists through the Bonnevoie and de la Gare districts; an overview of local and creative projects, organisations and initiatives and also a presentation of a member of the Rotondes team over a coffee.

“We like to share anecdotes from our association, but also to present neighbourhood initiatives as well as local creative initiatives,” says Ms Schoen.”

It is in this context that Marc Lis, the manager of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster, was invited to share the microphone with Georges Kieffer, founder and director of the non-profit organisation Benu Village (pronounced Be-New), the first eco-village in the Greater Region, built with as few new resources as possible.

“A very dynamic exchange”

“We had the opportunity to meet Mr Lis and Mr Kieffer during the Fashion Days we organised last April in the Rotondes. We kept in touch and found it interesting to create an exchange between these two people around this project and the environment of the creative industries in Luxembourg,” explains Ms Schoen. “And who knows, maybe we’ll have the opportunity to work on other projects together later?”

The result is a rich and lively interview broadcasted this Tuesday 12 November on Radio Ara (102.9 MHz and 105.2 MHz).

“I thank Lisi Schoen and Georges Kieffer for the opportunity to have this very dynamic exchange,” says Marc Lis. “The interview is a great opportunity to highlight the creative sector in Luxembourg, but also to mention current trends and highlight the importance of cross-sectoral collaborations and projects that we, as a cluster, support on a daily basis. Tools such as our exchange platform, thematic events and regular networking events with the ‘Creative Thirstday’ formula are some examples of projects that are already running.”

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