The importance of cybersecurity for all companies, especially those involved in Industry 4.0 initiatives, is no longer an issue to be discussed. It’s a matter of course, and Luxembourg has a wealth of expertise in the field.

These were presented at the National Pavilion organised at the heart of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC), the benchmark event for digital security and trust.

The 2023 edition, organised in Lille, broke all records, attracting over 16,000 visitors, proof of the market’s growing interest in this theme.

Set up on the initiative of the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC) and Luxinnovation, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Defence Directorate and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, this pavilion gave the national cybersecurity ecosystem a prominent place at the heart of this event.

The selected Luxembourg companies – SMEs, large corporations and research organisations – all have a proven track record in cyber defence and security.

The FIC was an excellent opportunity for them to benefit from exposure and promote their solutions to other countries and delegations. Potential partners were welcomed during visits organised on the national pavilion. A  presentation of the entire ecosystem by Luxinnovation and the Ministry of the Economy was also included in the Forum’s agenda.

One of the missions of the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) is to raise awareness of cybersecurity within Luxembourg’s manufacturing industry. The L-DIH team offers you here a brief presentation of the players housed in the national pavilion, likely to be of interest to the country’s industrial companies.

Solution providers

  • EBRAND X-RAY – A platform that scans and eliminates the risks associated with a company’s online presence (intellectual property, domain names, etc.).
  • EBRC – European centre of excellence for the management and protection of sensitive data, EBRC offers Tier IV hosting, consulting and managed services.
  • Ellipsys – (openAudit) by Ellypsys lets you know what data you are storing, and how you are using it.
  • Examin – Examin centralises the management of cyber compliance, GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) and artificial intelligence as well as compliance aspects within a single platform.
  • LetzRelay – Based on AI, Letzrelay filters and establishes the level of potential dangerousness of each email.
  • Passbolt – Passbolt is an open-source password manager used by 15,000 organisations (governments, defence, universities) worldwide.
  • RSecure – Aimed primarily at SMEs, RSecure protects them from cyber risks through consulting and training.
  • Tadaweb – In SaaS mode, Tadaweb’s OSINT (open source technology) platform processes publicly available information and makes it available to analysts.
  • UBCOM – UBCOM is a consulting agency specializing in cyber strategy, secrecy protection and digital sovereignty.

Service providers

  • Excellium Services – Excellium is a cybersecurity consulting and technology solution integration company.
  • FIRIS – FIRIS has established itself as a specialist in 3D scanning (indoor and outdoor, on any scale); based on its scans, the company can go as far as creating digital twins.
  • HITEC – High-tech solutions covering various fields of activity: satellite ground segments; equipment for testing and measuring physical properties; traffic management and mission-critical systems.
  • Integrasys – Cybersecurity, satellite and space: the 3 fields in which Integrasys offers engineering and development services.
  • Intrasoft International – A European group, Intrasfoft offers value-added digital solutions and services.
  • LuxTrust – Luxtrust offers a portfolio of digital identity and electronic signature solutions for digitising complex processes.
  • CIRCL – The Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) is a government initiative designed to provide a systematic response to IT security threats and incidents.
  • Snowball Technology – Snowball provides a comprehensive consulting offering with a focus on cloud environments.

“The mission of the L-DIH is to bring together all the players acting in favour of the evolution of Industry 4.0 in Luxembourg,” says Nicolas Sanitas, Senior Advisor and Digital Community Coordinator at Luxinnovation. “We are here to help companies make the best choices for their digital transformation processes. More specifically, when it comes to cybersecurity, we have the capacity to respond to needs in a targeted way, through our partnership with the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity.”

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