Launched in Paris in 2012, MLC Advisory specialises in human capital development. “We had the conviction that well-being and performance at work go hand in hand. We were rather the only ones at the time,” recalls Michel Moutier, who founded the company together with his German partner, Juliane Nitsche.

The target group is wide: SMEs and multinational groups; active in industry or services; in the private or public sector; for employees, teams and managers but also for board members.

Already operating in three languages (French, German and English), MLC Advisory quite naturally chose Luxembourg as a base for its international development. It opened its office here in 2017 and, with the support of Luxinnovation, has been able to establish a number of relationships and build its own network.

The skills of the future

Luxinnovation was the first customer to trust MLC in Luxembourg and organised a workshop on how management can encourage innovation internally. “This did not only give us the opportunity to work for many global groups, but also the chance to offer our services to different public organisations and make them aware that resilience, mindfulness and social intelligence are truly the skills of the future.”

Like many other companies active in HR training and consultancy, the company was forced to reconsider its business model and its offering to the market during the COVID pandemic. “We used this period to develop additional expertise to our know-how in mindfulness, leadership, well-being and performance at work,” says Mr Moutier.

MLC then chose to focus more specifically on resilience skills in order to support company employees. It bases its approach on the principle that behind every crisis there is always an opportunity.

State support

At the beginning of the year, the company developed its “Resilience Skills” programme, highlighting protective factors such as optimism, the power of positive emotions and how to recharge one’s mental energy.

Initially deployed within the European entities of a multinational fintech group, the programme was eventually adopted by the group’s US headquarters and made available to its 24,000 employees worldwide.

“Our made-in-Luxembourg resilience programme is therefore making a world tour from Europe to the United States and then to Asia and India. And we are very proud of it,” says Juliane Nitsche happily.

From the very beginning, Luxembourg has welcomed us very well.

This success story is also based on the increased development of digital communication and the support system set up for companies in Luxembourg. “It is only thanks to the support provided by the state that we were able to survive the hardest months of last year and to celebrate this success today,” summarises Mr Moutier. “From the very beginning, Luxembourg has welcomed us very well and we are very grateful and proud to be able to carry the Luxembourg flag around the world through our training courses.”

This success on an international scale delights Anthony Auert, cluster manager at Luxinnovation, who supported the company on its journey in Luxembourg. “MLC Advisory helps companies to progress by providing the tools to create a culture that stimulates innovation and encourages employees to experiment and dare to make mistakes. It was natural that Luxinnovation would support its development.”

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