After today’s meeting, by videoconference due to COVID-19, of this European project financed by the INNOSUP programme (Peer Learning of innovation agencies) within the framework of Horizon 2020, a guide will be published with tools to guide other innovation agencies and organisations to drive digitalisation in companies.

IPA-SA is a Romanian agency based in Bucharest and specialised in design automation which offers R&D, design, production, installation, service and consulting for plant automation and equipment and information technology  for industries. IPA-SA presented the DIQ – Digital Innovation Quotient tool (an IMP3rove proprietary tool) during the virtual meeting.

FUNDECYT-PCTEx provides the DigitaliseSME tool, a European programme for European digitalisation experts to help companies that wish to meet their specific digitisation needs.

Fit 4 Digital is the tool with which Luxinnovation contributes. Itoffers a broad portfolio of services to companies and public research organisations to promote innovation, thus supporting the Government’s economic development objectives.

About DigiJourney

The project’s main objective is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, know-how and good practices on advanced methodologies and tools for evaluating the digitalisation of SMEs, and the provision of personalised support services, between participating innovation agencies.

In previous meetings, peer learning activities of advanced digitalisation approaches have been addressed. The topics discussed include initiatives and tools for a deep and contextual assessment of customer needs and the design of a digitalisation path for SMEs with value improvement proposals that address their real needs in terms of digital transformation, and allow them to increase their competitiveness thanks to customised digitalisation support based on digital solutions in line with their current business.

The DigiJourney project was launched on 12 November 2019 at the Science and Technology Park of Extremadura, when the first peer learning on the DigitaliseSME project tool was held, in which FUNDECYT-PCTEX, IPA-SA and Luxinnovation participated as partners.


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A new centre for technology development


In 2019, Luxinnovation supported a growing number of international companies opening offices in Luxembourg. One of them, HighSide, has chosen Luxembourg
as a centre for developing its highly secure messaging and files platform that protects users against phishing, spoofing, mass data breaches and insider threats.
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Digital factories: objectives, benefits and how to get there


Smart, digital factories, where equipment and systems are interconnected and communicate in real time, are the very heart of Industry 4.0. The 8th DIH Talk focused on the concrete benefits of digital processes and on how to put them in place.
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Building digital skills for industrial transformation


While new technologies are the basis of Industry 4.0, human beings remain the most central element of a successful digital transformation. The L-DIH Talk on 14 May 2020 focused on how to define and acquire the digital skills needed to be competitive in the future.
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On becoming an agile organisation


Putting in place agile organisations able to develop and sell new products based on digital technologies was the topic of the third L-DIH Talk held as a webinar on 23 April 2020. Expert speakers called for flexible, multidisciplinary teams with clear mandates and close customer contacts, while bottle cap producer Guala Closures shared its practical experience.
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Towards a mobile post COVID-19 restart


The European Commission is supporting exit strategies from the crisis that use data and mobile applications. The GAFA giants have similar ideas. The Singapore example can serve as a source of inspiration.
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